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In this thread you are welcomed to share your personal experience with Eternuss Pharma brand products, by leaving a review below. Here is a legit Eternuss Pharma supplier, in case you are interested to buy their products.

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Eternuss T400

Clear fluid, practically no PIP (got some soreness once or twice but prolly my fault for not holding the needle steady - most times no soreness at all shot in delts). Got blood work done 4 weeks in at 400mg/week, came back ~1900ng/dl which is about right so the stuff is legit for sure.

Will order stuff from this lab again.

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I have used Equiform 400 and Testoplex Depot 450

Pinning had been very smooth and pain free. Oil goes in smoothly. Rarely makes a bubble when injected more than 2 ml at a site. Sex drive was insane. lolz i can figure out quality test with increased libido. Eq gave me some hunger strikes lolz. overall the gains were decent and free of bloat. Acne and oily skin.

i recommend eternuss pharma. one of quality products around.