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balkan pharmaceuticals

Popular and well-known company Balkan Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2007 and has already won the trust of many athletes and bodybuilders all over the world! Company's mission is to help people to be much happier and healthier, and that is why only new and modern results of all studies are used in their production.

The main goal of Balkan Pharmaceuticals is to produce highest quality medicines that have an affordable price. Professional doctors, chemists, as well as technologists, engineers, and programmers are only highly qualified specialists in the field of pharmaceutics and create only reliable and safe products for health.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals works precisely in those areas of medicine that represent the greatest medical and social interest, and completely directs all of its possible targeted research resources for accurate, competent and successful work in these areas.

Balkan Pharmaceuticals produces only pharma grade anabolic and androgenic steroids.

In this thread you are welcomed to share your personal experience with Balkan Pharmaceuticals brand products, by leaving a review below.

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Sustamed 250, Test Prop, Deca.

No pain on injection . Its to soon to report on gains but I have read other member reviews and that is how I base my purchase.

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Reviewing strombafort tabs from Balkan Pharma.

Quality was spot on did 25mgs twice a day. For three weeks at 50mgs by the end of the first week I started to see the changes. Veins where every where muscle hardness showed more and more. I did get some bad joint pains weeks three.

This was a great pharma grade product and it gave me a chance to really test out some new gear. I will be using this brand going forward.