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In this thread you are welcomed to share your personal experience with Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical brand products, by leaving a review below.

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I'm on trt and was nearing the end of implant "cycle" when levels are at the lowest (my doctor sucks, I'm leaving him soon). I had labs done and total test was 600 and I know would dramatically decrease over the next week before the next implant, but then the dr decided to wait longer "because the insurance company won't like it being that high"... So I immediately started with the testosterone mix, in the past I've used it EOD, I've decided to try it 2Xweek this time. First four pins were full mL, then the last 4 were .5mL, figured I'd drop it down since the implant will bring levels up pretty high on top of it. Haven't had bloods done (insurance would freak, and I live in one OF THOSE states). But libido is way up there, nuts shriveled up into my abdomen if I sit a certain way, acne is getting to be a pain, and I'm only 3.5 weeks in with it. None to minimal pip.