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So this is a long overdue review that i have been meaning to do for a while now, on 3 different products and i will leave my full experience with the goods to the best of my ability and detail.

Communication has always been spot on with, ever since i started using these guys early this year they have always been a joy to talk to and always very helpful and put customers first. Really appreciative of their services and attitude. T/A as expected next week delivery, even came with little air filled plastic cushion like things to protect the gear from any damage. First time a source has ever done that for me. But overall, very discreet and no complaints over here!

2 x primoxyl

1 x trinaxyl

1 x kalpa t3

Start of i will review the primo and my views and experience with this compound, ok so first off if you know anything about gear you know primo is not the most explosive strongest compound that will blow you up in a couple of weeks or even days like dbol or anadrol. However, it is a nice slow lean gainer (if your already lean ofcourse) that puts on very good clean quality size with next to zero bloat. I ran at 500mg a week for the last 4 weeks of 12 weeks on primo that i did not get from a source on here. And it was exactly like the older primo i had, pretty thick to draw into pin and does take a while to do so. In terms of pip not too bad, just message it afterwards or heat vial. Now to the point that your wanting to read. So for 12 weeks i ran primo at 500mg a week. I ran these 2 vials for the last 4 weeks, and i maintained my leanness and got even more vascular, felt very full yet dry. I will admit too i did enjoy the libido boost i got of these, very nice 😉 overall when i added primo into cycle i put on 6kg of lean muscle yes not HUGE amount but a good clean solid gain that i am happy as i was cutting and i maintained after coming of cycle. Quality over quantity 🙂

Now the Kalpa's trinaxyl, this is only the second compound mix i have ever used. And i really did like this mix, packaging is always appealing with kalpa gear, codes checked out fine. Now i ran this mix at 2.5ml every week, and for the third time ever i got tren cough on my first jab into quads 🙁 the joys lol but anyway, this is a very good and well dosed mix and i could tell as when i added this in, i got the usual tren sides, night sweats, sweating like crazy in the gym when i only been there for like 20mins. Strength gains are always a joy on tren when i use it 🙂 aggression and focus in the gym was A+. Love this gear overall and surprisingly no PIP at all really, very smooth clear gear and very happy with that 🙂

Now onto the kalpa t3, i ran this at 75mcg a day and i know when t3 is real and is 100% dosed as it should be as its pharma grade, i get very lethargic during the day when i need to take, but never effected in the gym. Noticed that it helped me cut very nicely for that extra boost. Very small tabs too, so its not like your shoving horse pills down your throat! Week to week i was seeing difference in my body Bf levels while maintaining full, and even getting stronger. But yes t3 is very useful to run if your on gear while cutting as it can be catabolic if your not on AAS while using it. Helped to also bring out the lower abs, something i struggle to show 🙂

Overall very happy with the source, overall everything as normal is top standard! 🙂 From communication, to package to then using the gear. All legit that i have used, and extremely happy with that. I do recommend these guys to anybody. Pleasure to write my review.

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This review is for kalpa proviron. My first time running it in a cycle with trt dose test and tren e at 500mg a week and 600mg bold cyp a week. Since it was my go with proviron i was able to spot a difference in my cycle. The thing that really stood out was crazy libido and an overall sence of well being. My libido was better than when i run a gram of test a week. I was very impressed with that. Also noticed i didn't need as much ai as i usually do. Pretty much cut my usual dose in half. Very impressed. Will run proviroxyl in all my cycles from now on.

T/a was around 14 days. Not bad. It got sent quick tho. The post office is a bunch of lazy fucks.

So far im liking the kalpa line. Would definitely order again. Very impressed with the proveron they have.

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quality products and fast t/a

other than the ordering process, no other communication was needed. which in my opinion is always a good thing. the packaging was a standard well packed parcel. no worries about breakage or anything of the such, my order took days in total from across the pond.

everything i ordered was genuine and good quality as far as i could tell. i was actually quite suprised about the quality of the ephedrine. ive had that brand's other products and never had a complaint but this compound had me able to extend my gym time by almost double my normal time! quite the stuff but i can only handle it sparingly and on days i need it. the aromasin i have been using for about 2 months and my estro seems to be in the normal range but only the bloodwork i will be getting soon will really tell nothing but quality in all areas if you ask me

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This site has top-notch communication, and the product is great! My recommendation is to message ahead to see if the products you want are in-stock so you don't have to wait to receive them. They are straight-forward and honest about shipping times, and you won't wait more than an hour or two to get a response to an email. I will use them again.

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this is my second review here and it is for this time.

the shipping time was little over one week

nolvadex 20mg

pregnyl 5000


this all was top quality pct. i do not take risk with pct. i always want top quality direct pharmacy grade products for pct. it cost me a lot but the results were totally satisfactory. here is how my the pct looked like: hcg: 1000ius ed for 10 days nolvadex: 40mg, 40mg, 20mg, 20mg clomid: 100mg, 100mg, 50mg, 50mg everything went perfect. my strength was good during pct. i did not feel so much loss of muscle mass or strength. then my sex drive coming back to normal. i think hcg helped but my pct mostly relied on nolvadex and clomid.

it was money spent nicely



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Ordered a number of time from these guys all products have always been spot on. Can vouch for their quality products and great service. Has a huge range of top labs and gear. pretty much everything is sold here. Always quick responses to emails. Any issues are handled professionally Super fast order and dispatch within 24 hours and easy payments methods.

All products have been spot on,,test e was and kalpa dbls were one of the first orders I made from here

The dbol got my nipples flared straight away did a 6 week run and gained up to halfs a stone on them. Finish this of with the test which also kept me gains going and kept my strength increasing during the cycle. The nolva help to control estrogen and sensitive nipples and have no doubt about it quality. Recent order I made was for kalpa test c and 7lab tren e..which is too early to review on here but can confirm is g2g,,my appetite has decreased on the tren as usual plus I am again having trouble sleeping and I am already feeling the agression in the gym which helps me with the extra repetitions,bill have full detailed review for these soon.

Ps: due to a small understandable error which I had no issue with, and even though was rectified immediately ,these guy chucked in a pretty nice freebie Can vouch do thirst guy and will be back again

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Been on their gear for about 45 days. I said screw it, I wanted to know if it is legit. Got my blood work done. Solid as a rock, even a tad bit higher than expected. PIP isn't bad really. Hitting the shoulders and it feels just fine. Good shit, A+

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Decided to try them after reading positive reviews.

To start his communication was good. He walked me thru the process of obtaining his gear and answered a few questions for me. So I placed my order.

package received merely in 1 week, no damage, really tightly wrapped

Kalp / oxandroxyl 20

The oxandroxyl worked amazing, great pumps, vascularity and intensity during workouts. gave me a harder look along with other steroids in my stack- Dosed two pills a day. not much of sides.

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Genuine source, quick delivery and good quality products.

I highly recommend this source and the chap who runs it is extremely helpful and responds quickly to any questions you may have. Contacted site prior to order and received a reply almost immediately. Further communication received as soon as payment was made and tracking number for packaged was issued. Could not complain about anything with regards to communication

Packaged discreetly too.

Kalpa Test P

Kalpa Test E

7Lab Dbol

Dragon Pharma Test 400

Dragon Pharma  Nolva

So far I have used the both the Kalpa Test P and Test E, starting with Test P and then switching to Test ED. The Kalpa products are excellent and I would highly recommend this brand. The packaging looks professional and I of good quality. I experienced some PIP from the Test P but some of this could be down to opening a new injection site. I experienced very little PIP from the Test E. I have made noticeable gains from using these products. with many people commenting that I am looking bigger...can't complain! 100% legit and a source to be trusted.

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I'm really new to online sources. Thanks to GorXXL I found a solid source. My experience with made me feel confident to make them my go to guys

Great communication, fast, knowledgeable. Just don't ask for advice

Kalpatropin GH

Test E

Tren. Hex

Been on the growth for a month. It was a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for. 3iu's every other day, solid pumps, body fat drop, and swollen hands.

The Tren. who doesn't like the cough, insomnia, and sweets.

Test. little pip,

Some free gifts

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Excellent service and good quality product. Will use again.

Well packaged and received 3 days after placing order.

No reason to doubt authenticity of product. Have been using in weekly 1000iu shots during cycle and notice a very distinct testicular response over the next day or so.

Will use again without a doubt. Very competitive prices, faultless service and good shipping.

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Ever since the first time I messaged , its has been always very professional and friendly. They make it clear that they have the best products available and with testing it out personally, I completely agree. Responses are always quick and polite as always. Having discussions about the cycle, what should I try\dosages etc. Extremely helpful Discreet.

Well packaged and wrapped. Little longer at times to the USA. At times has been slow. But has always made it up to me as a customer

After only using Kalpa products for 6 weeks I can say with out a doubt is 100% GTG 600mg a week of Eq, increased endurance through HIT training or giant sets, muscle fullness, had to contend with always being hungry, and oily skin. Just increased to 800mg a week, seeing if i can add some solid gains on. 

Kalpa Eq always helps increase my muscle mass and strength which are still slowly climbing. T-bol, I've been on them for 5 weeks and I can see an increase in weight and strength but vascularity and density were through the roof. Test Cyp has been awesome 750mg a week. No pip. Size gain has been pretty significant this past few weeks. Bigger and fuller, less test. bloat, and what looks and feels like a leaner mid section Viagra, well 50mg tabs, well give them an hour and they do help pound things out

What can I say that I haven't all ready said or what everyone else has been saying about this company! They are the best for a reason and because of that and the service I will be using them a lot! Not to mention the number one reason I will be using them is their products are spot on and clean!

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This guy is great, can´t beat his prices on different brands of Dianabol, supreme packaging and reliability, so this is my fourth order. Ordered 1000 KP Dianoxyl, 1500 DP Dianabol and 500 SB Labs dianabol.. Parcel was at my doorstep 10 days after being shipped, which by the way is a new record, packaging was very discreet as always.

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It's been awhile scene I wrote a review for these guys, but no one deserves more then these fellas!!! Great product, great service!!!! It amazes me there not #1

Always up to date on stats on orders

Usually under a week, always discret wrapped air tight

I ve tried almost all the oils n have only gotten great results over the yrs but last cycle

Test e

Mast 100

Ran test e @500 wk1-4, 750 wk4-16

Mast @ 400 wk1-4, 500 wk8-16

Dbol ( other supplier) 50mg wk 6-14

Great cycle for me, shredded n veined me out, but the dbol left me looking lean total cycle was bout 5 mths

So to keep it short, you want good gear n no bullshit drama then u found ur one stop supplier, no need to look further.

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ordered a complete cycle 2 months ago cycle: test p 100 mg eod,npp 100 mg eod, equipose 800 mg per week, anavar 50 mg per week. have gotten great results lean, hard and strong but didnt want to base review on that alone so i did mid cycle blood workgreat lab results the aromsin kept estrogen in check nicely (12.5 twice per week) very hapy with and kalpa labs will be using again!

great site nice and easy to use and large variety of products that are actually in stock 1 week to door, great packaging

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