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22/06/2018 6:58 pm  

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals was first known on steroids market a long ago, in 1994, but to this day its development does not stop. Every year Kalpa products offer more and more perfect steroid products that are very popular among bodybuilders around the world.

Given to the high loyalty of bodybuilders to drugs from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, its reviews on Internet are only positive, and on the basis of such reviews, bodybuilders and athletes choose in favor to this company when selecting anabolics for their cycles.

In the range of Kalpa preparations, there are quite a lot of various anabolic and androgenic steroids, a complete cycle of drugs necessary for athletes and bodybuilders. These are primarily anabolic and androgenic steroids, fat burners, HGH as well as post-cycle therapy and anti-estrogens.

Given the high popularity of Kalpa products, a lot of counterfeits have appeared on the market. Therefore, in order to verify the authenticity of the drugs, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals has created a special website located at kalpapharmaceuticals.com where it is always possible to verify the authenticity of the purchased product by entering the security code on the package.

In this thread you are welcomed to share your personal experience with Kalpa Pharmaceuticals brand products, by leaving a review below.

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27/06/2018 5:48 pm  

Been on KPs sus and deca 1 pin per week. Everything as expected is up. Bench, Squats, Curls, etc. My body weight is up 14 lbs. and body fat is slowly headed south... So happy and very plaese with my expierience with KP.

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10/07/2018 3:58 pm  

Ok I'm back from another month of rockin the Kalpa's prop and rockin is a good way to put it. Nice strong prop, great pumps and my bp checks confirm the hard test hit hrs later. It has been no surpise Kalpa did the work to take on a quality line of product and maintain it with integrity. These are good products!

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27/07/2018 9:53 am  

this is for clenbutaxyl which i used as an anti catabolic,worked beyond expectation i suffer from bad asthma and these probably saved my life or close,i ran out of salbutamol,and my back up inhaler was faulty,i had a bad attack and was ready for an ambulance heading to hospital, then remembered i still had 3 of these left, so took all 3 and 10 minutes later my breathing was returning to normal, i can safely say they are what they are and could basically have saved my life,i would recommend these to anyone, would not hesitate to use again,they have a great range of products

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16/08/2018 5:11 pm  

My review for Mast prop and Tbol from Kalpa

Used Tbol to kickstart, 40 mg per day for first 25 days. Good strength, good pumps, felt good lifting 4 or 5 days a week.

I also used the Mast Prop at 100mg EOD, pinned delts and quads only as usual with no pip. FYI, I also pin that Mast with Test that I get from my Dr but I have pinned the mast alone and it has no pip. I have noticed slow and steady gains on this cycle. I have put around 50 to 60 lbs on my 1rm bench, my chest is taking shape nicely, my biceps are staying hard all the time, getting amazing pumps and cannot attribute to one or the other of these products because I used them at the same time, although I was still on the test and mast after the kickstart. \

But nonetheless, my back is getting way stronger, something I've been trying to focus on. Lat pull downs and t bar rows have gone up 75-100 lbs per 12 reps over this cycle and I am feeling great, I haven't hit the gym this hard in a long time. I am starting a friend on kalpa sustanon 350 this week so in 12 weeks or so I will be back!!

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30/08/2018 9:11 am  

i used kalpa test e at 750mg per week, increasing my dosage from a cruise at 250mg per week of bp sust. I had greater intensity during my workouts, faster recovery, and made good overall progress with regards to strength gains and muscular development. I ran two vials and went back to my cruise dosage. The mini cycle did produce some solid gains on my triceps which were the focus. I think its a good product.

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06/09/2018 3:47 pm  

Kalpa test e

Ok so as I'm new to this I will review the product the best I can... I had been diagnosed with depression 2 years ago and have been on SSRI's. However more low t symptoms have been showing in recent months. Blood tests confirmed this my free test was 4 :((( Waiting for a hospital referral so thought i would try a bit of self medication,125mg Test E each week until I get on the TRT.

4 weeks in and I have never felt better. Perhaps a little more muscle, but that was never the aim just to feel normal was all I was looking for. libido is back big time 🙂 and I'm off the antidepressants so no longer feel like a zombie.

no pain at all during or post injection which my wife administered in my arse. Cant recommend this product enough. Thanks again to GrowXXL for pointing me in the right direction.

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04/10/2018 2:02 pm  

This is a review for Kalpa Winstrol 10 and Test Prop 100

I ran winstrol @ 50mg every day for 5 weeks towards the end of cycle. I quickly gained strength on my big lifts. Bench press went up 20 lbs in no time.

The prop 100 was pip free. Ran it @ 75mg ed. I would wake up with strong erections. I recommend this Lab!

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