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Duraxyl 100 (NPP) - i used the product throughout the length of the ebc (12 weeks). the oils are thin and inject smoothly.

npp definitely added roundness to muscles and weight . i could feel the joint comfort from it.

Masteroxyl 100 -  no doubt gave me really good vascularity in comparison to previous cycles. and the change in aggression in the weight room from the start of my cycle was obvious.

The pumps from Oxandroxyl were noticeable in 2 days. felt really hard and had painful pumps on occasion.

Test P definitely gave a boost in sex drive, weight and strength. i wish i would have preformed better during the ebc. i had some anxiety issues, and my head was not in a good place for awhile during the cycle. kinda happens when you lose 2 jobs cause a new manager doesn't like you! 🙁

i definitely plan on continuing to use kalpa products and ordering from roidsmall.

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The Oxandroxyl is spot on, I take 50mg 2 hrs pwo and the pumps are amazing.

I also ran Clen 120mg/day w/ T3 75mg day and dropped 13 pounds on low carbs within a month. Leaned way out.

All products I'm happy with, they work exactly as they should.

Love the selection get a little overwhelmed by the selection

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I ordered tren, prop, win, arimixyl, and clomixyl all were superb products. Seriously 2 weeks into the cycle and I was in beast mode. Put on 25 lbs of solid muscle. Started at 202lbs with 15% body fat and finished off at 227 10%bf. Sex drive was insane. Every night, every morning, I couldn't be stopped. Would recommend this lab to EVERYONE!

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