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Duraxyl 100 (NPP) - i used the product throughout the length of the ebc (12 weeks). the oils are thin and inject smoothly.

npp definitely added roundness to muscles and weight . i could feel the joint comfort from it.

Masteroxyl 100 -  no doubt gave me really good vascularity in comparison to previous cycles. and the change in aggression in the weight room from the start of my cycle was obvious.

The pumps from Oxandroxyl were noticeable in 2 days. felt really hard and had painful pumps on occasion.

Test P definitely gave a boost in sex drive, weight and strength. i wish i would have preformed better during the ebc. i had some anxiety issues, and my head was not in a good place for awhile during the cycle. kinda happens when you lose 2 jobs cause a new manager doesn't like you! 🙁

i definitely plan on continuing to use kalpa products and ordering from roidsmall.

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The Oxandroxyl is spot on, I take 50mg 2 hrs pwo and the pumps are amazing.

I also ran Clen 120mg/day w/ T3 75mg day and dropped 13 pounds on low carbs within a month. Leaned way out.

All products I'm happy with, they work exactly as they should.

Love the selection get a little overwhelmed by the selection

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I ordered tren, prop, win, arimixyl, and clomixyl all were superb products. Seriously 2 weeks into the cycle and I was in beast mode. Put on 25 lbs of solid muscle. Started at 202lbs with 15% body fat and finished off at 227 10%bf. Sex drive was insane. Every night, every morning, I couldn't be stopped. Would recommend this lab to EVERYONE!

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KP SUS 350 9/10 pinned every 6days will stop when Primo starts 4 weeks out.

KP Anavar 9/10 20mg split in 2 does 8hrs apart to keep half-life active.

KP Proviron 9/10 kept libido very hight within short time 25mg/Day. Helped big time with keeping my estrogen down with no joint pain.

KP Winstro 8/10 Ran low dose to give joined a break. Helped my estrogen stay in check as well.

KP Masteron will add in last 4 weeks of cycle to help bring out vascularity and hardness.

KP Primo will run last 4-5 weeks of cycle.

KP Clomid and NOLVA gonna run 150mg,100mg,50mg and 40mg, 20mg,20mg respectively 7 days after last injection.

This last cycle ordered was a cutting stack to get ready for Spring Break. I am currently 4 weeks into this cycle and plan on running it for 10 weeks. The Kp sustanon allowed me to reduce my calories dramatically and minimize any lean body mass loss. The KP SUS have kept my blood levels very balanced thus far and every week Im getting stronger even at a very low caloric intake. Thus far, the KP Var really helped keep my muscles full and help bring out noticeable vascularity. My estrogen has been able to stay in check with help of the Proviron and possibly Winstrol. I am excited to see how quick my body tightens up once I start running the Primo and Masteron to finish off my cycle.

I would highly recommend Kalpa Pharmaceuticals to any one of my friends and will continue to support them as they support my results.

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I have tried KP Prop and KP Tren Ace in the past. It worked well and gained around 10lbs. So far I am about week 2 into my Kalpa gear. Test Prop 100mg every 3 days and Dianabol 15mg in the am 15 mg early afternoon. The Dianabol is great. I am actually getting leaner and my pumps are insane. My strength is just now starting to go up on my big compound lifts like flat BP, Deadlift, front squat, and overhead shoulder press.

I always have Anastrozole (Arimixyl) on hand due to D-Bol and High Testosterone Levels pushing my estrogen levels up. This will prevent bloating and also prevent gyno that could occur.

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Como se llamo esto i am from SPAIN.

I registered a lot time ago. Can i see this web without adblocer?

thanks )

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Every single product is amazing, absolutely no PIP and nothing but great results. I am currently on test e and bold. I have been running this combo for 6 months throwing in various other compounds. This base stack keeps me lean and consistently growing all the forearms look like a road map of veins and the pumps I get every workout are unreal. If I am feeling really risky I will throw in some deca 250 for 10 to 12 weeks. The DECA will blow you up like no other you have ever tried before. The water retention is there even using an AI but it is well worth the mass of strength and size games that you will get. The oral tren is the most potent stuff I have ever tried in my entire life. 2 tabs a day for 3 weeks and you will look like a different person. about a year ago I ordered 7 bottles sust 350 from and got on cycle blood work. My doctor was amazed at how high my levels were and said he had never seen anything so high. My total test was 5500 and my fre was 2700. This was on seven hundred and fifty milligrams a week. Libido and strength through the roof.  if diet is in check big games are to be expected especially if stacked with these great high quality anabolics.

You will not find a better lab for high quality products

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