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KalpaPharm.com Website

Just finishing up a 12 week Test E cycle with a 4 week Test Prop Kicker. Ran the Test E at 250mgs Twice Per week. Ran the Test Prop for the first 4 weeks at 100mgs EOD.Within two days of pinning the Test Prop my skin began to have a nice greasy oily coat. Overall sense of well being was increased and Morning Wood was ridiculous. No PiP at all from this Prop, none, nada! The Test E was PiP free as well. Once the prop was discontinued I still had the signs that the Test E was doing its Job. Continuing to make positive progress and good gains. This cycle was my first after a long hiatus and after recovering from an injury. I used it for strength increase and body recomposition after being on the bench for quite some time. I went from 180 pounds, a decent amount of bodyfat to where i am now currently sitting at a consistent 198 pounds and much lower bodyfat. I didnt workout to maximum failure or 125% due to the mental block of coming off an injury. Overall I am satisfied as i have come a long way from first not being able to lift a 12oz cup of coffee without feeling pain. To well on my way to being right where I was long before This Injury occurred. Excellent experience with Kalpa Products!

KALPAPHARM.COM was on point with communication throughout the entire process. Every Question answered without delay.

The turnaround was quick , within a few days the items arrived safe and secure.

Ordered Test Prop, Test E, and a few Sustaxyl, (please note: the sustaxyl was not used in this run.)

The look of the products was very professional! Clear and Clean oils. They definitely Take the Time to filter and refine down to a nice clean, clear, consistent quality. Matter of Fact I had this idea in my head that i would run all my UGL prior to use through a whatman filter. With Kalpa products i didn't feel it was necessary to have to take that step. Pins smooooth, no problems at all. Currently on week 12 with one more pin left to go then its off on to pct 2 weeks from there.

Huge increase in strength. Large reduction In Bodyfat and a solid gain of 18 pounds with very minimal amount of waterweight and bloat.

Very Satisfied with the results of running Kalpa Gear. Will definitely be using them in the future that is for sure! First time using a short ester and their Prop made that experience all that more pleasurable.

Positive experience all around. Communication, T/A, Appearance and Quality are all A+ in my book.

Will Definitely be getting some more of their Prop in the future!

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This review is for the dbol and cialis

They told me it was shipped and that was all I needed.

Packaged well enough that you couldn't tell what was in it. It took just under 2 weeks

I used 40 MG's daily preworkout and the pumps were great as I use them for a boost. Used up 100 dbol till they were gone.

Cialis is great! 20 MG's and you are good to go for 2 days.

I would recommend both products from kalpapharm.com

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This is a review for Testoxyl Enanthate 250mg and Clomixyl 50mg from KalpaPharm.com.

Communication is great... the answer from my question was super fast.. and I've used ticket system most the times.. and e-mail once... both were great.. no complains at all.

The T/A was great... for an international source it was exceptional.. some domestic sources took more then KalpaPharm.. I receive my package in a week after receive the track number.

I was using enanthate from a different source until I get my blook work done.. my deception was seen that my Test levels was showing some underdosed gear.

So I changed to Kalpa's Enanthate for 500mg/week... after 3 weeks I could feel the difference between the other source and KP from KalpaPharm... My weight increased in 8lb after the 3rd week.. more retention and libido was increased as well... i love it. I've used Clomixyl trought my PCT and I felt the recovery very well.. I should take my blood work in 2 week from now.. I'm pretty sure that the clomixyl make the work... I felt very emotional when I was using and change the time before to bed... because I was been a "bitch" during the day... lol =)

I'm very happy with KalpaPharm.com.. and I've no worries to order with them again.

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Ordered a while back from this KalpaPharm. The product was excellent. Beautiful little shorty vials with clean smooth and potent oil inside. 1 test prop, 1 mast prop, 1 mast e and 1 test e. All the normal sides were there. Oily skin, increased libido. Acne hit hard when I hit the mast. TA was a weekish. Very pleased and this is a solid source.

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Wanted to give an update. In 12 days in to a sus and tren a cycle. Sus e3d and tren eod. I think it finally really worked its way into my system because holy hell I feel like I can spit nails thru concrete! Five minutes after its in I'm off the wall! Teeth grinding sweats the whole nine. Nothing to drastic as far as my body changing but I do have some people at the gym asking me those famous words... "what are you on? What are you taking" haha what a great feeling that is. Diet is good workouts are on point I even thru in a mile run... I think I might even have an ab or two poppin thru! Thanks again Kalpa! I'll post again soon with updates...

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got the kalpa's cutaxyl stack from their promo. i ran it the first two weeks of a cycle with sustaxyl. i really liked it. i noticed it working its magic just as i ran out. so i can say this is a great product.

wonderful, answered all emails and pms fast, polite and accuratley

discreet and fast

great everything, would recommend, based on product quality, customer service, price and delivery time


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Purchased KP test E back in November. We actually had test from another source but discontinued use after 2 weeks due to out of control pip. Switched KP's gear. It has been much smoother and after running for 4 weeks it is in full effect. Their customer service is great, and their shipping is the fastest I've seen from a source on here.



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Received some Kalpa orals from kalpapharm.com. Was very pleased with the results of the dianoxyl and taldenaxyl.

T/A was about 12 business days. Packaging was secure.

The dianoxyl was great! Dianoxyl is my favorite oral so I know what to expect and when to expect it and all the normal signs were there. Ran the dianoxyl at 40mg ed. Oxandroxyl I have not tried yet. The taldenaxyl is awesome! Gets you solid for a good 48-72 hours. I have been using different company's research tadalafil with good results, but the Kalpa taldenaxyl blows all those research liquids away.

Thank you kalpapharm for booking me up with the promo. I wouldn't hesitate to order from these guys again in the future. Kalpa orals from this source are def legit.

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This is my review for the last order I received from KalpaPharm.com.

I didn't need to communicate with them personally but they would send some updates through email.

Order was split up into 2 packages and I received both in under 3 weeks.

Kalpa Test E

Kalpa Proviroxyl

I ran my test e cycle for 14 weeks at 500mg every week, split into 2 weekly doses. I only had one bottle of the Kalpa test e, so I used this to finish up my cycle. I started the Kalpa test e around week 10 and ran it all the way through to week 14. I made impressive gains throughout my cycle and when I switched over to the Kalpa I didn't miss a beat. There was no drop off what so ever and gains continued coming. I added a good 10-15lbs on my bench and other lifts where across the board as well which is something I was real impressed with because I used this cycle more to recomp and get into spring shape. By cycles end I was pretty impressed with the changes in my physique. I had a nice and full 6 pack, my body became harder looking and muscles had more of a sculpted look to them. I also had nice vascularity especially in my arms. If I was active or it was hot out they looked like road maps covered in veins. I also feel I lost a few pounds of body fat and replaced it with a few pounds of muscle. The fat loss was mostly obvious in my stomach area because my abs were a lot more visible and I had slight little pouches of fat on my love handles that bulged out and we're now flat. The muscle gain was mostly noticeable in my back, arms, and Lats. My arms were fuller, and my "V" shape to my Lats was wider and more pronounced,, I received a lot of comments on this. Side effects weren't too bad, I did have a little issue in the beginning with bloating and sensitive nipples which was due to not running enough of my ai. I started at 0.25mg e3d, when I noticed the sides I bumped it up to 0.5 mg e3d and that alleviated all the sides. From that point I was side free and it was smooth sailing throughout.

Will definitely be ordering from again.

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Long overdue review on multiple purchases from these guys! Both communication and support have been excellent. Had a few questions about products back when I made my first order (months ago), and got helpful responses. Since then, not had any questions, but always fast to send details for payment/shipping etc so as not to wait around for ages to get my stuff.

Discreet packaging, products in bubble wrap. Never had a single vial broken. Always arrived the day after funds have cleared (about 7/8 orders). Hard to remember exactly, but includes: 

  • Kalpa Tren A
  • Kalpa Tren E
  • Kalpa Test E
  • Kalpa Deca

Been a long time fan of Kalpa. Used KalpaPharm.com after they were listed by Kalpa as an official store, and am hapopy with all the products. Each vial came fully labelled and boxed. New ones now have shrink wrap on the vial. Each time I've cycled, I have put on decent size, with added strength.

Both the Trens were doing the job, and with the only side effect for me being the sweats (and boy did I sweat!). Would recommend to anyone. Although for me personally, I had a better reaction to the Deca. Seems to be the one for me. Absolutely no PIP from anything I've used.

Will be ordering a mix of various things again in a couple of months when I look to start a new cycle. Very happy to see KalpaPharm.com now stocking hgh. Have recently received two Geriostim pens from my guy at the gym, but his stock is now low. So giving KalpaPharm a go with an order of the same. Will be my first hgh, so looking forward to the results. No doubt be back on here in the summer raving about another quality product from KalpaPharm.com. Cheers guys!

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Review for KalpaPharm.com.

Tightest packaging from any over seas supplier I've used. T/A was under 2 weeks.

  • Clenbutaxyl
  • Oxandroxyl

Just finished the first 2 weeks of the Clen cycle. Stared slowly with 20mcg 2x/day. Increased to 40mcg 2x/day at the end of the first week, then up to 40mcg 3x/day by the end of the 2nd week. Sides were as expected from research. Some shaking, body temp increased, decreased appetite, some sleeplessness early on. All of these sides were tolerable and seemed to get better. Also noticed an increase in focus and concentration at work. Lastly and most importantly, weight loss was 9 lbs.

This is a no BS supplier. I ordered, he delivered. As is should be.

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I have used KalpaPharm previously and can for sure say ALL the products are good to go. I have placed a large order and received LIGHTNING FAST. I will never doubt it's potency... it's pharmaceutical grade.

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It's strange, how laughter looks like crying, with no sound and rain drops taste like tears, without the pain.

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This service was flawless and the products were outstanding. Everything, from start to finish, was phenomenal. I highly recommend. I have used several sources and the quality of these products, the low prices with which they were offered and the professionalism of this supplier truly sets them apart.

3 Cutaxyl 150, 1 Test Cyp, 2 HCG

These products are genuine Kalpa. They are among the best you will find anywhere. I can feel all the sides typical of these compounds, I experienced the familiar tren after taste upon injection and the products are incredibly smooth. No PIP yet very strong.

I highly recommend!!

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I have used kalpapharm.com before and now and both times was a good experience,

Answers emails within 12 hours,

The packaging was good t/a was about 2 weeks

Sustaxyl 350 and dianoxyl

I think product quality is great I been using for a month on this cycle with them and strength and libido are high also gained about 10 pounds

I will go to kalpapharm.com for my next order

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This is a review for kalpapharm.com over all , and of course the review after used the gear with plasent experience .

T/A in my opinion was fair enough paid in 28 august got my stuff in 8 september , 11 days from the payment then deal about my small order then shipped it and recived it was 11 days this is great .

The order was sustaxyl

here we are , i used it for 14 weeks cycle with npp from another brand .the sust he sent was 350 mg as he explained to me , i start using it very very smooth , even after i inject my self i dont know where i have to press after the injetion , the effect start feel it in week 3 , used 3 ccweekly in mon , wend, fri . the week for my oily skin became worst , already have oily skin with the gear of course getting worst for me but i solve my problem with acne too , about strength i felt it to close to be pharma grade honeslty , was great feeling libio perfect in week 4 and start feel the life different even ))))).

finally was great experience . and great source .

I really respect them source as them not even look to my small order , but i found them even care about ordered less than mine , i would love deal with them again and if their product as the sust i got ,they are one of the best when it comes to everything , quilty ,communications , T/A and how they care even about small orderes .

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