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Just finished up my 12 week run of Test E, Test P, and Proviroxyl. All I can say is good things about the products I've used. With an alright diet which could of been better I was able to lean out by 2.5% bf an add some decent size as well. Strength went up on all lifts.

The T/A was great received it in a week from the time I ordered.

Both test esters worked great probably I've used. Super smooth no pip what so ever. The Proviroxyl was the first time I ever used it an all I can say is I'll be adding it to every cycle from now on. It kept all bloat off an even help kept the estro sides away.

I'll be back for my winter time bulk cycle. Thanks KALPA!

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First time using this source.. I'd like to start off by saying im very pleased and happy with my decision to go through with kalpapharm.. and i cant wait to put in my 2nd order with this source this coming week!

Communication was excellent! Questions/concerns I had were all answered within a few hours via tickets system..

Product was very securely wrapped along with great discretion.. Package arrived within timeframe

3 Mast E

2 Test E

1 Eq 300

1 Tbol

1 Provi

Absolutely little to no pip..

500mg test/week

600mg eq/week

200mg mast/week

50mg proviron/week will be dropping mast e & provi week 11... adding 50 tbol/week,adex, and pumping eq to 600mg.

Currently 10 weeks in and my weight has definitely gone up.. 190 to 203, clean quality weight!!! no bloat whatsoever.. . Have been keeping carbs at 100grams per day, very low fats and high high protein.. Great oils as well! Been drawing and injecting with a 25 gauge no problem.. Strength and appetite have greatly increased and libido is through the damn roof!!!!

I highly recommend to anyone... you wont be disappointed..

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The guys at have been amazing. It can be a scary process obtaining gear on the web and KP has made it a seamless and discrete process. All orders have been shipped as promised and any and all questions have been addressed in a very timely manner. I would strongly recommend !!

All aspects of the ordering process were clearly stated. Very accommodating by supplying tracking , there are so many that mess this process up.

3 vials test e

3 vials of tren e




All vials were slightly overdosed . The gear was fantastic with the KP oil. No pip what so ever! I have ran tren before with different oil bases and KP'S tren is superior in comparison . Very pleased with the the results.

Strongly recommend ! Very reliable ! Great product !

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These guys will always have my business! Their site is superb and and very fast, on top of great guys behind the scenes. Very friendly and professional and made sure all three of my orders have gone smoothly!

Gear is great, service is great, and t/a is fastest and most secure I've ever recieved period... What more could you ask for?

1st order

Test E

Tren E

Dbol 2nd order


Clomid 3rd order



Absolutely love their Dbol, TestE, and TrenE! Minimal to no PIP and you gotta love those painful dbol pumps!

Libido and strength are through the roof, and I was up 20lbs just before hitting 5 weeks in. Great quality gear and very smooth.

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I was happy enough with my order experience 6 weeks ago that I have already made another.

This was the first time I used Kalpa, so I bugged him a little more than I normally would, and had no problems at all. I sent 3 tickets, and all were answered in a timely manner. Payment is as easy as it comes if you can read, and follow instructions

T/A was on time, and we live about as far away as possible for a domestic. Very nice. Packaging was tight, and secure.

I'm very pleased with the products so far. I'm running the Test at 900mg per week, and am up just under 20 lbs. in 6 weeks. I added the Var just last week, and can already see changes.

I've been on here for about 5 years now, and this is the best source I've used yet. I am very pleased with both the products, and the customer support by KP. I highly recommend using KalpaPharm.

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My one stop go to source from now on. FLAWLESS! Everything about them is outstanding! I highly recommend them and their products rock!

Packaging was very professional and not a sloppy or careless thing about it.

2 vials Test E (so far)

Currently using 250mgs a week and this stuff is strong. I am bumping it up to 500 mgs a week starting next week. I was on TRT of Pharm Grade depo test and IMO Kalpa is better.

I will not go elsewhere because KalpaPharm is flawless IMO. I am only a client and do not work for them just for the record. I plan on using many more of their products very soon. Primo/var, Test, Deca, drol or dbol, or Test/Tren to name a few. Thanks for being so solid KalpaPharm and you have a client for life.

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Ordered numerous times and have used variety of products from kalpapharm. Rock solid each time. Pack always comes in quick and securely wrapped.

Communication and responses are among the best. Don't need anymore though.

Solid packaging and solid T/A. Seems like they are taking everything under control by themselves.

Cutaxyl 150

* Drost.P, Test.P, Tren.A*

Mast.P and Test.P put my sex drive on fire. Wasn't my first run with Tren or Drost so i knew what to expect from a quality stack. I got all the tren sides sweats-aggression-strength.

My body Looked harder week by week. I was enjoying the results and my buddies were blown away with the rapid change seeing me vascular and harder than ever. It made a huge difference in terms of strength gains. I didn't slip on my diet. Despite putting my body on caloric deficit, strength went up.

Placed another order. This time it's Kalpa Tren Ace

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I have purchased from KP many times and have been dealing with him for the last several years. Recently he came out with his own line so I decided to give it a try...I ordered the Nandroxyl, Trinaxyl, Mast Prop, Stano and Primo. Now I have had some time to try these items and I can say these items are what he claims they are and properly dosed. His items ALWAYS arrive quick and packaged well. His responses to my emails are fast, to the point and professional. I have never had a negative experience with KP and will continue to use him for as long as possible. I have had bloods done with the majority of his items and the numbers always come back off the charts...

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Was first time I was using Kalpa was really intrigued by the selection they had on there website and different labs as well that I haven't seen.

Communication was brilliant they were sending messages like playing ping pong responding straight away.

Packaging was double wrapped and vials were in bubble wrap & delivery was fast

2 tren a

2 test prop

Tren A was the works got all the effects night sweats the awful tren cough (was like I was going to cough my guts out) but 10 mins later I was ok lol

Prop was very good all the usual symtoms, was hitting the targets I was looking for. Was very good quality but still want to explore there other range

Will order next cycle fully with Kalpa brilliant service

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Best test tren and anadrol I have ever taken 

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This is the second time I order from Kalpapharm and have been very impressed so far, very quick reliable delivery, good communication and genuine products (pharma grade).

Very good communication, among the best so far.

Packaging is excellent but tbh all my sources have the same type of packaging and are all high standards.

I ordered some Testoxyl P (test propionate), sustaxyl and Kalpatropin gh.

I only used Testoxyl and sustaxyl and both are 100% genuine, very very good gear. In particular Testoxyl is my favourite prop and not that easy to find. No PIP given the 2ml per 100mg of prop format and super strong!

I'd definitely recomend KP and will order from KP again ...soon.

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Excellent as usual kalpapharm always on top form my number 1 source

They were great on responding fast to communicate and making sure I get my tracking number once order had been shipped

Delivery arrived very quick within 4 days from sending payment

My order:


Clenbutaxyl 40mcg

I pushed my previous limits and obviously it was due to these new products I have been taking. But as we all know, a special attention to your diet plays a big part for optimum results.

The kalpas range I have been using from this source , I have had significantly better results. I was running the clen ranging from 40mcg-120mcg but with stanoxyl I kept at 50mg everyday, the sweats on the clen was totally unthinkable was showering 2-3 times a day but it got me the results were good.

Thank you kalpapharm for your customer service, great pricing. Everything is awesome with you.

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This is a review for over all , and of course the review after used the gear with plasent experience .

T/A in my opinion was fair enough paid in 28 august got my stuff in 8 september , 11 days from the payment then deal about my small order then shipped it and recived it was 11 days this is great .

The order was sustaxyl

here we are , i used it for 14 weeks cycle with npp from another brand .the sust he sent was 350 mg as he explained to me , i start using it very very smooth , even after i inject my self i dont know where i have to press after the injetion , the effect start feel it in week 3 , used 3 ccweekly in mon , wend, fri . the week for my oily skin became worst , already have oily skin with the gear of course getting worst for me but i solve my problem with acne too , about strength i felt it to close to be pharma grade honeslty , was great feeling libio perfect in week 4 and start feel the life different even ))))).

finally was great experience . and great source .

I really respect them source as them not even look to my small order , but i found them even care about ordered less than mine , i would love deal with them again and if their product as the sust i got ,they are one of the best when it comes to everything , quilty ,communications , T/A and how they care even about small orderes .

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Review for kalpa test, deca, adex, nolvadex

Never needed to contact suppot but in the past when I did they always sorted me out

Shipping was fast for intl I had my gear in under two weeks everytime

So im around the six week mark running 500mg of test ew and 500 mg of deca ew, both are smooth oils absolutely no pip, a little thicker than most but I can still pin thru a 25g. I have noticed an increase in strength and my weight went up about 8lbs so far.My sex drive is ridiculous and ive noticed my joints especially my shoulder feels great, no negative side effects to report I do have caber on hand and occasionally take .5mg. The adex has been doing its job and the nolvadex is great I had a little bit of a lump and it knocked it right out is a solid reliable source and I definitely reccomend shopping here

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I've always had a great experience with kalpa, and I've placed many succesful orders over time. Been trying a lot of different brands and I love what they have to offer. I receive my package usually within 1 to 1½ week after the order has been sent, and I cannot complain about it.

Great. Haven't had any trouble.

My orders so far:

  • KP Test Enath250
  • KP Deca250
  • KP Anastrozole
  • KP Turan
  • KP T3
  • KP Stan
  • HCG

Very satisfied. Usually I stay on for 12-20 weeks - injecting legs and never had any trouble. I've tried all the products listed.

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