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08/04/2019 7:01 pm  

Just finished up my 12 week run of Test E, Test P, and Proviroxyl. All I can say is good things about the products I've used. With an alright diet which could of been better I was able to lean out by 2.5% bf an add some decent size as well. Strength went up on all lifts.

The T/A was great received it in a week from the time I ordered.

Both test esters worked great probably I've used. Super smooth no pip what so ever. The Proviroxyl was the first time I ever used it an all I can say is I'll be adding it to every cycle from now on. It kept all bloat off an even help kept the estro sides away.

I'll be back for my winter time bulk cycle. Thanks KALPA!

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09/04/2019 2:10 pm  

First time using this source.. I'd like to start off by saying im very pleased and happy with my decision to go through with kalpapharm.. and i cant wait to put in my 2nd order with this source this coming week!

Communication was excellent! Questions/concerns I had were all answered within a few hours via tickets system..

Product was very securely wrapped along with great discretion.. Package arrived within timeframe

3 Mast E

2 Test E

1 Eq 300

1 Tbol

1 Provi

Absolutely little to no pip..

500mg test/week

600mg eq/week

200mg mast/week

50mg proviron/week will be dropping mast e & provi week 11... adding 50 tbol/week,adex, and pumping eq to 600mg.

Currently 10 weeks in and my weight has definitely gone up.. 190 to 203, clean quality weight!!! no bloat whatsoever.. . Have been keeping carbs at 100grams per day, very low fats and high high protein.. Great oils as well! Been drawing and injecting with a 25 gauge no problem.. Strength and appetite have greatly increased and libido is through the damn roof!!!!

I highly recommend kalpapharm.com to anyone... you wont be disappointed..

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11/04/2019 6:06 pm  

The guys at kalpapharm.com have been amazing. It can be a scary process obtaining gear on the web and KP has made it a seamless and discrete process. All orders have been shipped as promised and any and all questions have been addressed in a very timely manner. I would strongly recommend !!

All aspects of the ordering process were clearly stated. Very accommodating by supplying tracking , there are so many that mess this process up.

3 vials test e

3 vials of tren e




All vials were slightly overdosed . The gear was fantastic with the KP oil. No pip what so ever! I have ran tren before with different oil bases and KP'S tren is superior in comparison . Very pleased with the the results.

Strongly recommend ! Very reliable ! Great product !

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15/04/2019 4:32 pm  

These guys will always have my business! Their site is superb and and very fast, on top of great guys behind the scenes. Very friendly and professional and made sure all three of my orders have gone smoothly!

Gear is great, service is great, and t/a is fastest and most secure I've ever recieved period... What more could you ask for?

1st order

Test E

Tren E

Dbol 2nd order


Clomid 3rd order



Absolutely love their Dbol, TestE, and TrenE! Minimal to no PIP and you gotta love those painful dbol pumps!

Libido and strength are through the roof, and I was up 20lbs just before hitting 5 weeks in. Great quality gear and very smooth.

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17/04/2019 4:20 pm  

I was happy enough with my order experience 6 weeks ago that I have already made another.

This was the first time I used Kalpa, so I bugged him a little more than I normally would, and had no problems at all. I sent 3 tickets, and all were answered in a timely manner. Payment is as easy as it comes if you can read, and follow instructions

T/A was on time, and we live about as far away as possible for a domestic. Very nice. Packaging was tight, and secure.

I'm very pleased with the products so far. I'm running the Test at 900mg per week, and am up just under 20 lbs. in 6 weeks. I added the Var just last week, and can already see changes.

I've been on here for about 5 years now, and this is the best source I've used yet. I am very pleased with both the products, and the customer support by KP. I highly recommend using KalpaPharm.

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