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7Steroids.com Website

This was my second time ordering from 7Steroids and again, I could not be happier.

Ordering from 7Steroids couldn’t be easier. Whether ticket or email, 7Steroids is on top of things and there was never a delay in response.

I was close to a cross-country move date when I placed my order. However, all it took was a couple back and forth emails with 7Steroids.com to let them know the situation and work the details out. Half of my order shipped right away to one house. And two weeks later when I arrived at the new house, the rest shipped there. Absolutely amazing customer service;

Items ordered:

Decalab-250, Dianobol-lab 20, Trenolab-E, Boldelab-200 and Oxano-lab

Product effectiveness and experience:

Although I picked up a mixture of products, most to try for the first time, this particular review is for the Oxano-lab and Decalab-250.

Oxano-lab: I picked up 7Lab’s anavar as I was about to have surgery on my wrist, which would keep me from training upper body for 4-6 weeks. My thought was this might be a way to “lose less” muscle over this time period, which depending on rate of recovery could have been upwards of 3 months. I started a week before surgery and continued through the end of 6 weeks. (NOTE: I’m on TRT and kept my normal 200mg/week Test cyp dose going). By the time I was able to get some decent weight on the wrist, I had lost a total of only 1 pound and zero size around chest and biceps. My surgeon was quite surprised at my rate of recovery as I was able to start lifting (light) only 2.5 weeks after the surgery. Was it the var? Was the quality of the surgeon? My own genetics when it comes to healing? Who knows… but I like to think the Var played a nice role. ☺

Decalab-250: I’ve had arthritis in my right shoulder for a couple years now that has steadily become more painful. Late last I was at the point where the pain would wake me up at night and I ended up getting three rounds of cortisone shots over a 5 month period. I haven’t been able bench or do any shoulder work that breaks the plane of my upper chest for over a year. My ortho was recommending surgery, and my understanding was this came with a 6-12 month recovery. Most of us have heard of the collagen synthesis ability of Deca and everything I found related to pain relief said it can vary by person, the type of injury and so on. I decided why not give it a go and see how I respond. I bumped my TRT up to 400mg Test Cyp a week and added in just 300mg a week of 7Lab’s Deca. It took a full month before I really started noticing pain relief and now I’m at 10 weeks (finished two vials) and can tell you that I have ZERO pain. This past week I did shoulder press for the first time in two years. No pain during, no pain afterward and I couldn’t be freaking happier!

I absolutely attribute this to 7Lab’s deca and the second 7Steroids restocks, I’m picking more up. What will be interesting is to see how long it will be from my last Deca pin to any pain returning.

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Review for 7lab tren enanthate 200mg / ml as well as 7steroids service

Excellent T/A , secure packaging .. Really cant ask for anything else

I was always interested in 7Lab gear , as soon as i said in 7steroids.com that i am interested , the man ofered to send me 1 x tren e to try , so confident he was in his product .. I like that in a source .

I was already on tren e at 500 mg a week for 4 weeks so tren has started kicking in .. I used the 7lab tren e at 500mgnper week too and the product is excellent !

No drop from where i was , insane strength , hardness and vascularity ... I was very pleased with this tren e . No pip and thin oil that goes in smooth .excellent quality and potency

7Steroids is a great man that runs a very tight business , i recommend him if you want legit gear without drama from a source that knows what the fuck he is doing


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