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I have used 1steroids for several orders and have had great success with each order.

Packageing is solid and discrete. My last package I had work at it awhile to get it unwrapped, and everything inside was completely intact.

I have found KP oils to be very smooth and easy to pin and this order is the same, I have to be careful not to push the plundger too quickly. I have no pip to speak of perhaps a slight discomfort to the touch the next day, maybe. the test did its job I get oily skin night sweats achne and increased libido when my levels go up. The aromasin/proviron helped to keep my estro levels in check as well as stabilize my mood and temper, I get a little hot headed on higher doses of test. The var helped at the end of my cycle to cut back on some of the fat gained from my diet and the vascularity and strenght gains were obvious.

1Steroids has been a consistant source for all my aas needs. I have been using them for years and will continue to do so. their customer service, promo's, and insentives keep me coming back and the quality keeps me growing.

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