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16/08/2018 3:16 pm  

This was my first time using any online source, so naturally I was a little anxious and slightly confused about the ordering process and what to expect.

Using B-S couldn't have been easier. Buy steroids biz was the best at answering all my e-mails and explaining to me how this worked. I'm already a repeat customer and I'm sure I'll be back again an again.

All the vials were filled to the brim with quality gear that has helped me become stronger then I'v ever been. Communication was incredible. I think that this customer service was probably better then customer service from any product Ive ever purchased. All E-mails have been answered and have even been give some cycle advice and pct advice. I dont have a lot of friends but it's almost like I've made a new one. Packaging was discreet and secure with bubble wrap. You'd never guess from the outside what was inside.

All vials were secure and arrived undamaged. KP's Test P, test enth I've been using this product for three weeks and can definately see that I'm looking way more vascular and all my lifts are going way up. Ive never been this strong. After six years of training I'm finally looking in the mirror and am stoked about what I see. My B.P. is up slightly and i'm sweating at night some.

This gear is working for sure. I've been using 100mg test prop eod and 500 test enth weekly. Thanks B-S for helping me reach my goals. I'll be back again and again. Great products and prices!


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30/08/2018 8:44 am  

Second order from BUY-STEROIDS.BIZ and everything perfect. I will definitely be back. Super fast ad reliable at great price. Love this place. Great PREGNYL HCG 5000IU GTG works as it supposed to

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06/09/2018 3:32 pm  

i am giving review on them. i try them and they are excellent. i will also order in their promo which is going on now. He answer everything quick and on time. And gives me good support in shipping details and other problems. V

ery packed, sealed and secret package. I like it very much, They have no problem passing customs. MAsteron with 7labs and test prop 7labs the product came out from vial easily and smooth, i face no problem with injection. both props and masteron are of good quality. i love masteron it gives me great conditioning. it made me hard and look dry. i use it with test props. prop is very strong. i get more aggression and more strength.

i will buy more products in this promo. I like these roids and i will buy more from them.

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04/10/2018 1:56 pm  

I've placed mutiple orders with this source, and have been satisfied with every purchase. made the whole buying process simple yet effective. Answered everyone of my questions within a 24 time period.

The predicted T/A was 20 to 30 days but I received my package in only 17.

Kalpa 4x Dianabol

Kalpa 4x Winstrol

Top notch quality, IMO kalpa is one of the best UGLs in the world. I've never been disappointed with any of their products. I kicked started my 12 week cycle with dbol 40mg ed for 4 weeks. During that span I gained 20lbs & had increases in strength & recovery. I ran the last 4 weeks of my cycle with winstrol 50mg ed for 4 weeks to help tighten up some the gains I made with test e & dbol. I experienced typical sides like oily skin, slight blood pressure increase but that was expected.

If you're in need of a reliable, consistent source this is definitely the one for you



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