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16/08/2018 3:16 pm Website

This was my first time using any online source, so naturally I was a little anxious and slightly confused about the ordering process and what to expect.

Using B-S couldn't have been easier. Buy steroids biz was the best at answering all my e-mails and explaining to me how this worked. I'm already a repeat customer and I'm sure I'll be back again an again.

All the vials were filled to the brim with quality gear that has helped me become stronger then I'v ever been. Communication was incredible. I think that this customer service was probably better then customer service from any product Ive ever purchased. All E-mails have been answered and have even been give some cycle advice and pct advice. I dont have a lot of friends but it's almost like I've made a new one. Packaging was discreet and secure with bubble wrap. You'd never guess from the outside what was inside.

All vials were secure and arrived undamaged. KP's Test P, test enth I've been using this product for three weeks and can definately see that I'm looking way more vascular and all my lifts are going way up. Ive never been this strong. After six years of training I'm finally looking in the mirror and am stoked about what I see. My B.P. is up slightly and i'm sweating at night some.

This gear is working for sure. I've been using 100mg test prop eod and 500 test enth weekly. Thanks B-S for helping me reach my goals. I'll be back again and again. Great products and prices!

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30/08/2018 8:44 am  

Second order from BUY-STEROIDS.BIZ and everything perfect. I will definitely be back. Super fast ad reliable at great price. Love this place. Great PREGNYL HCG 5000IU GTG works as it supposed to

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06/09/2018 3:32 pm  

i am giving review on them. i try them and they are excellent. i will also order in their promo which is going on now. He answer everything quick and on time. And gives me good support in shipping details and other problems. V

ery packed, sealed and secret package. I like it very much, They have no problem passing customs. MAsteron with 7labs and test prop 7labs the product came out from vial easily and smooth, i face no problem with injection. both props and masteron are of good quality. i love masteron it gives me great conditioning. it made me hard and look dry. i use it with test props. prop is very strong. i get more aggression and more strength.

i will buy more products in this promo. I like these roids and i will buy more from them.

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04/10/2018 1:56 pm  

I've placed mutiple orders with this source, and have been satisfied with every purchase. made the whole buying process simple yet effective. Answered everyone of my questions within a 24 time period.

The predicted T/A was 20 to 30 days but I received my package in only 17.

Kalpa 4x Dianabol

Kalpa 4x Winstrol

Top notch quality, IMO kalpa is one of the best UGLs in the world. I've never been disappointed with any of their products. I kicked started my 12 week cycle with dbol 40mg ed for 4 weeks. During that span I gained 20lbs & had increases in strength & recovery. I ran the last 4 weeks of my cycle with winstrol 50mg ed for 4 weeks to help tighten up some the gains I made with test e & dbol. I experienced typical sides like oily skin, slight blood pressure increase but that was expected.

If you're in need of a reliable, consistent source this is definitely the one for you


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13/12/2018 1:46 pm  

I have used this source for roughly 6 months now, after my first order from an overseas supplier was seized at customs. This was my first choice to try based on the hundreds of deservedly positive reviews on this board. To say I was nervous about the products actually arriving & the the site not just being a scam like thousands are would be nothing short of an understatement, but after several email exchanges with the owner I trusted my instinct as he seemed very genuine on his word. Literally the next week my products arrived and my strong relationship with grew from there. These products were ordered 10 weeks ago:

7Lab Tren Ace

7Lab EQ

Kalpa Test Prop

7Lab dbol

This was my first time using Tren (1 ml EOD) and I got the heavy night sweats, mild insomnia etc that you'd expect from good gear - Oh and the massive strength increases which came in hardcore in the second week 🙂 EQ appetite increase surged in around the 4th week, to the point of being annoying sometimes lol This was my first time using 7Lab products as it was a free upgrade due to kalpa selling out during my order. 7Lab Pharm dbol was recommended to me by the owner and what a find, never heard of the lab before but very heavily dosed and effective stuff

I'm very happy to see this source is now recovering from a minor incident completely out of his control some months back. Negative reviews were obviously competitors seizing the moment and a few (understandably) nervous new customers who must have ordered just as problems arose and the site was temporarily down. I never even for a second believed he would have pocketed customers money and not honoured orders, to the point where in many cases fabricated reviews were angering even myself. This is one of the best if not the best source in my opinion. A customer for life

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20/12/2018 6:09 pm  

Packaging was great securely packed each vial came in its own container, shipping took 13 days Fast delivery.


Equipoise X3

Tren E X1

On my first cycle was already running a cycle with another lab just needed to buy more and decided to give Kalpa a try, only pinned two times with 7Lab lab. Pinned 2.5 ml into delts no PIP at all, same with virgin quads only got sore for 2 days, good quality, getting night sweats from tren, increased appetite for sure.

Ordered another shipment will give another review.

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27/12/2018 3:31 pm has a great service and quality product (from what i have tried). This gentleman was kind enough to let me partake in a promo a few months back. I have successfully run a complete vial of his gear and feel it was enough to get a good judgement on the quality and service. He was kind enough to toss in a couple extra sample goodies (i think every promo pack had a few) But i was surely surprised. Oh yea i forgot he also tossed in a few pins and barrels i was ready to go minutes after the pack landed. This guy rocks and that was a pleasant surprise as i never had that sort of thing happen before. It shows he cares for your business and every little bit helps. That was a nice touch to add to the pack!

Promo products received: BodyPharm Supertest 450

Cialis x3 pills

viagra x2 pills

clen x3 pills

About 5 27G 1 and 1/4 inch pins. Which i now use and LOVE that particular size

Cialis was just the best i have used i think this was pharma im not sure it was a large oval orange tab and just half of it had my pecker putting oak trees to shame. This stuff is real deal and best i have used it will swell ur junk up and last a couple days. Its i would say 10X better than any research lab i have tried. Viagra: i gave to a friend but he reported they were extremely effective. Im a cialis kinda guy i was surprised he sent any orals at all but i told my bud where it came from and to check out the source's website if he wanted more V's

BodyPharm Supertest 450: what can i say but whoa look out. I am a novice when it comes to AAS and jumping on this supertest too fast i had to back down the dosage, i had a major gyno flare. Im used to 600MG test a week well i started to nail just 1ML about 2x a week so thats 900mg and i was slicked out n greasy like never before. I broke out a bit and got a little red around the neck upper trunk its some strong ass test. Aside from the few annoying side effects the gains were good during that month, i picked up on a stall point and upped my rep range and pr's. I bloated up a little but i shed the water during PCT. i got a solid 5lbs in a month from his supertest. Its strong i wasnt prepared for this. Next time i will use aromasin the adex didnt do it. My libido was insane fuckin random whores on POF and craiglist, i was eating like a hobo in a buffet with just my hands at times. I felt great and didnt want to come off. It was the tail end of a 12 weeker usually im sick of pinning by then but not this time lol i wanted more and more. The oil was thick, it had some bite in my quads, i cut it with some EQ and all was gravy. I kinda liked to experience the thicker oil for once as it seemed to dissapate more evenly this cycle which was key for me no ups and down just a smooth ride which i felt great the whole time and made some decent gains when i thought my body had stalled 8 weeks into cycle. I am more than thankful is the best!

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24/01/2019 10:04 am  

First order with B-S also about a month ago for a few bits and pieces. Pleasure to deal with, easy transaction and great products.

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14/02/2019 2:32 pm  

Another order reached us, all the stuff is packed to perfection,everything nice and clean,and in order,no doubts ALL gear is good. Thanks guys top marks again.

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28/03/2019 2:39 pm  

this was my 1st order with and it definitly wont be my last. customer service was great. they responded to my emails the same day. got their Equipoise 200 and started it last week. No PIP at all and T/A was about 5 business days and delivered to me in Colorado. very pleased with them and will be making another order soon

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04/04/2019 5:08 pm  

Another Great and reliable Source. Usually, i go with Tren A but was fed up of frequent pinning. I needed something strong like Ace. Heard only good things about them

It was an amazing product. Got me hard & vascular. did notice slight bloat. the effects were not like tren A but atleast didn't need to pin daily. aggression and strength gains were phenomenal. good smooth oil and no pip what so ever.

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11/04/2019 4:34 pm  

Another great transaction with this source.

T/A and packaging are always on point.


I have tried lots of igf. Some of it was simply bunk others ok. As for this one man let me tell you this stuff kicks. Started my normal dose and holy shit, feeling hypo and hungry like a horse. I mean 1hr after consuming my meal my stomach was begging for more. Added 10lbs in 6 weeks. For someone who's been doing this for so long, 10lbs isn't very easy to do. Eat like a horse pin this lr3 post workout and you will grow. This stuff reminds me of the igf I took when it first came around.

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18/04/2019 3:42 pm  

good company, great service. great prices.

Awesome communication, answerd every questions so far very quickly.

very discreet packaging. very professional

Tren E, Test E,Clen,Masteron,HCG EQ,Var

Been using for few years, one of the best product out there by far.

Shipping has taken a little longer then expected. mine was split in 2, and first one arrived within 7 working days. now waiting for 2nd to arrive, and I just placed another order.

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23/05/2019 4:56 pm  

I have ordered from 5 times over the past 1 year, and have nothing but good things to say. His product lines are awesome, he carries everything you need, and he is the most professional person I have dealt with in the "community". Shipping is fast, and gear is top notch. I have bloodwork done every 3 months, and I can tell you that you have no worries with everything B-S supplies. My test levels are normally around 212-300, but peak over 1100 with 500mg per week of Kalpas line. Dont waste time with the others, B-S is the man.........

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06/06/2019 2:08 pm  

3rd time using this guy, Very Very happy with the service from, Top Notch guy. Gear was here next week. Very easy payment sending. Will 100% be placing more orders in the future. Cheer's Al

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