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I received my order for Masteron and Test Prop many many months ago but was just to busy to write a review. After getting ineffective products from another source that everyone raves about, I decided that people need to know about RxSteroids.Net, and how good their products are. I ordered my products and noticed that they took longer to be shipped out than I expected (about 4 days after donation pick up) but hey, at least they worked:)

Even though I bugged them numerously about the delay in the shipping, they still answered all of my emails within 24-36 hrs and never gave me an attitude. Was always pleasant.

A little long for an international source, but hey...alot of the international sources on this site who get you your items in 10 days are selling subpar gear.... and that'a being kind... been disappointed many a times. I'd rather get real stuff slowly than get get bunk stuff quickly.

Masteron -- Even though I noticed no cosmetic effect in my physique at 100 mg eod after a good trial run, I did notice Alot of hair thinning and another side effect, which for me is rare; acne. My anger was also a major problem. I became very combative. Also, my joints began to hurt. I eventually had to scrap it for these reasons. The aformentioned sides are all typical of masteron, so I'm sure it was legit, and I'll chalk my lack of hardening up to not being able to stay on it long enough to get an accurate estimation of its effects

Now for what I really want to comment on: the Test prop. Simply stated, it is the best I have ever used, bar none. I've used test Cypionate from SP labs, I've used Test Prop from Kalpa (god I miss them) and I've used sustanon from Organon. 7Lab's testosterone is as effective if not more so than all of those, which are pharmaceutical, prescription grade. It is smooth and Painless. When I say painless, I mean it is like injecting air. SMOOTH. Zero pip. So much for the myth that if test prop has pip that it means that it is potent. NOT TRUE.

The effects of the Prop:

Dosage: I front loaded by pinning 100 mg the first day, and by the next evening I was already starting to hold some water. I reduced it to 50 mg eod on day 3 and still was holding water. I kept it at 50mg eod to minimize to edema. I went from 221-224lbs at 50mg eod by day 4.

Strength: In the gym I noticed an almost IMMEDIATE strength increase without even working out and having to build it gradually. Good test prop always gives an instant strength increase via increased neuromuscular junction/motor neuron activity. On day 5, I did chest and I did 135 lbs. on the flat bench 37 times. The previous week I was only getting 21 reps. My smith machine incline press went from 225lbs. 6x to 225lbs. 13x. That's a 100% increase.

Libido: By the 5 day I was getting random erections at work and even had to masturbate during my lunch break. The libido increase was not placebo. I wasn't expecting it or even really looking for it, but on day 5 it hit me unmistakably.

Would use again for sure, and probaly will very soon. Would definitely recommend the test prop. It is the smoothest, cleanest, most effective, most properly dosed out there; domestic or foreign. I know alot of you guys get Test from other labs that leaves you wondering if it's working, or second guessing your diet if you're not noticing the results.

TRUST ME, with a healthy dose of LEGITIMATE test, you'll know it's working. With this test you won't have to guess, you will FEEL it. Would also recommend shopping here because tehy seems to care about their customers and is very responsive. Seems to have integrity and alot of pride in what they do.


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