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old dog
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24/08/2018 8:30 am  

Around 2 months ago I placed an order from this supplier

Communication was satisfactory

TA and packaging was satisfactory and well acceptable

Kalpa Masteron P and 7Lab anavar

The quality of both products were amazing. I quickly gained strength and endurance. The androgenic effects were strong. Masteron had no pip. Sex drive was through the roof. Combo of Var and Masteron Shredded me in few weeks with a cutting diet plan. Gyno was under control. Both products were mild on side effects.

A happy customer.

Severed Ties
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13/09/2018 10:33 am  

I made my first order from these guys about 4 months ago and since then iv done 4 more orders.

these guys are amazing. they regularly have discounts on there product or giving items away. Dont see myself going anywhere else. the communication was great they would get back to me in a hour and was very helpful when it came to payment and shipping packaging was very discrete it came in a small bubble wrapped envelope.

and the latest i had to wait was 9 days for my delivery.

i did a 14 week cycle with sus and deca with the oxy's as a kickstart. the sus and deca was grea, sex drive was threw the roof!t. the only problem i had was with the oxy's. they did nothing i ended up having 200mg a day and felt no different.

the fact BodyPharm has gone down leads me to think that BodyPharm did it on purpose. the 7labs clomid and tamoxifen did great for my pct.

Highly recommended to everyone

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15/09/2018 11:54 am  

First time using these guys and wow he was incredibly helpful, knowledgable and threw in a free test p because of the amount I spent, package arrived after 2 weeks, discreet, well packed and no nonsense.

The shipping was FREE and the prices were the cheapest I've seen amongst the top 10 suppliers here. Responded to every single one of my emails/questions without fail, was unbiased product wise and I felt well looked after Perfect, no nonsense, clear, not covered in layers of tape so easy enough to open too whilst being safe and secure

 I've used Kalpa for a long time, no nonsense and great results, and very cost effective. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. GIVE THEM A TRY YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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19/10/2018 1:16 pm  

I have place over 8 orders with these guys always received each order and the prices can't be beaten the only downside is they don't seem to have much stock most of the time I find myself waiting for the products I want to be in stock I have now gone elsewhere to get products because of this reason will gladly shop here again once stock issiues have been sorted


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