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28/08/2018 5:03 pm  

Made 4 orders with goanabolics each time the service is unbeatable emails are prompt and helpful and delivery has been no more than 2 weeks every time. This guy cares about the service he provides 🙂

Kalpa Test prop

Test e


7Lab Anavar x2

Put on some decent size used there oils for the first time when I couldn't get my usual oil in time and was impressed with the quality no pip from any of them, and put some decent size on while using them.

Would Defo use them again

Impressed with anavar hardend me right up and gave me decent pumps in.

Goanabolics is very reliable and always sends on time prices is the cheapest around 🙂 decent source highly recommend to anyone

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04/09/2018 3:10 pm  

This supplier is the best! Always top notch products with quick delivery and reasonable prices!

Packaging was plain and discrete in bubble wrapped envelopes

Seriously a top seller with frequent restocked products at reasonable prices!

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11/09/2018 2:46 pm  

Great communication, website is fast and easy to use and they always have super fast delivery!

Plan brown packaging and vial wrapped fully in bubble wrap.

The 7Lab Test E works great and as expected with strength and weight gains. I think the 7Lab brand is generally good in my experience.

Their site is fast and easy to use and the delivery is usually only 2 weeks (sometimes even next week!).

I honestly don't know why these guys are not higher up on the ratings. And keep an eye out for the regular promotional deals they have on their website home page!!!

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30/10/2018 7:09 pm  

I have used goanabolics for various things and this guy is a pleasure to deal with. Great communication and quick delivery. Absolutely no problems dealing with this supplier at all! Product are gtg and I can definitely see the results I expected. I would definitely recommend using this supplier

Excellent comms,this guy answers all of your questions and responds straight away,customer service is second to none,highly recommended

Excellent packaging,next week delivery

2 Kalpa Pharmaceuticlas sust 350

Pinning was fine little pip,great gains,gear gtg does what it says on the tin

Highly recommended this guy,trustworthy,great comms and good gear A pleasure to deal with


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