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Bene using goanabolics for a while now. This is a review for Deca, Drol and super test. All from BP

Communication not needed but they constantly updated throughout the process.

Always packed safe and discreet.

I ran this bulk with great results. BP deca 500mg Super test 900mg and Anadrol 100mg daily. I used Anadrol as kickstart and got amazing results. Gave me increased strength and helped me go through heavy workouts. With deca i had totally pain free workouts. Smooth joints.

Gained around 20 lbs on this cycle. Lost some water after post cycle therapy.

Very happy and I highly recommend goanabolics.com

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i ordered 3 weeks ago hcg and winnny tabs, i was surprised that my gear got here in a week for this source. most domestic sources take 2 weeks+ so i was really happy when i got this order while going to check the post office for the domestic one. the supplier replied quickly to my initial questions before i ordered and the good customer service told me that this supplier would answer their email if i had other questions. i sent several email to other sources and never replied. imagine if u place an order and they can't even reply to an initial inquiry? i know these guys are busy and all but if you dont want to deal with customer service get someone that will, is it that hard? well enough ranting these guys are legit, so place an order i just place my second one today!

Just remember, somewhere, a little Chinese girl is warming up with your max (Jim Conroy, Olympic weightlifting coach)

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Even though this is an international source they are just as fast as any of the domestic sources. I placed a small order with them a few months ago and after funds were sent I had the goods in 7 days (Southeast). I ordered DP test, HCG, and clomid. I was taking test from another source and 5-6 weeks into my cycle I had ZERO gains so I switched over to the DP test from Goanabolics and the last 3 weeks have been amazing. Massive pumps and strength increases already. Libido through the roof. HCG has been doing its job as well. Will be order another cycle soon as they have very high quality products. Moreover, the comunication was outstanding!

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i used many good sources. this source is one of them. in this review i will some how summarize my expeirence with them. i was content and relaxed when the order arrived with out any problem. his business is very professional.

very discreet pack. this pack arrived in 10 days

i have plenty of stock but new brands are always tempting to me. i used some hybrids in summer 2018 but was nothing special. i was able to complete a cycle with this cutaxyl 150. surprisingly it was stronger than i expected. i pinned 4 ml every week. 2nd month my strength and aggression increased although i was running same amount of tren and test previously. my skin was more oily with lot of red spots on my back. little bit of water bloat which was same as before. my shirts were drenched in the night so i had to change two shirts every night. sweating was disturbing my sleep greatly.

Now coming to the dbol. I am running this dbol in current cycle. Just two weeks passed and i feel stronger and bigger. it is making me hold water but the strength is unbelievable.

i will try dragon pharma hybrids too. this cutaxyl was above my expectations.

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