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This was my first time ordering so I thought why not go with a top trusted source. Everything went smooth and I could not be happier!

Never had to contact him I received everything on time.

Very discreet and got it in less than 9 days!

Have taken the var and weight and strength are up more than I anticipated.

I will be back!

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I placed a large order with roidspharm there was a little problem with address,I couldn't get I got a reship today,Thanks Roidspharm for looking,Im extremely happy!

Very communication,The person from roidspharm is very generous,excellent communication!

T/A 10 days excellent!

The quality is top notch,I've used Kalpa products before with great results!

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Roidspharm is the best ! From first time i try their service and i love it , good price , quick shipping , excellent online service fix my problem every times , Will keep order forever ^-^

Keep update the stage of the order , every step is easy and clear . Choice gear on the website and checkout , finish payment then notice roidspharm about your payment info , then just waiting your order arrive !

Very good supplier , quick shipping and excellent packaging , every time arrive within 10 days ,

All product is great quality ! On last cycle i gain 23 lbs in 12 weeks with all roidspharm gear , and after cutting i also keep 14 lbs , my weight is 185 lbs and my body fat is 6% .

ROidsPharm is the only one way you never go wrong !!

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First time i have ever ordered from roidspharm but i am extremely satisfied with what i got the test prop is EXCELLENT im dosing it a little lower than i normally would but i getting similar if not better results i would defiantly advise you to purchase from roidspharm i have had a couple of close friends also order from roidspharm they are satisfied and it came quickly i have no complaints on customer service i asked for a tracking number they happily provided it. In summary great products defiantly G2G and the shipping is also pretty quick and discreet 🙂

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Posts: 7 is simply AMAZING. This is my 3rd order and have never had any problems. Already placed another order for PCT and next cycle. Great gains in strength , size and gained 30 lbs so far. Highly recommend Roidspharm over any other site!

Received emails for all steps of ordering process. From receipt of order, payment and when was shipped.

Packaging was discrete and well packaged. Received 2 1/2 weeks from placement of order.

3x DP sus 270

3x DP EQ 300

3x DP deca 300


Great quality, no pip. Dragon Pharma is best out there in my opinion

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Been ordering from Roidspharm for a long time...after reading their gear was awesome so I needed to check for myself. As I was informed the gear was top notch. The communication is great as is the delivery time. I will be a Roidspharm customer for life without a doubt no other source I know of compares when it comes to price, communication, and delivery time.

Nice & simple....idiot proof which is a must when it comes to,me haha.

Packaging is always very discrete and the T/A is usually within 2 weeks once they receive the funds. They are especially amazing categororyrp

Been using Roidspharm for over a year. Product quality is definitely second to none. They have all of the top UG labs, as well as a large section of HG products as we'll ( my personal favorites!)

Again to me Roidspharm is second to none. It's not even a competition when comparing. Their products are amazing and if u really want quality gear, Roidspharm is the way to go 100% of the time!

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I'm writing to share my positive experience with my 5th order. I love how consistent and predictable RoidsPharm has been with his order, when comparing all my previous orders. This order is for friends who want to also jump onto Kalpa products, as the domestic stuff we've been using is too expensive and weaker than KP.

I did not need to contact them about my order, but I love their automated email messages that get sent for each phase of the order.

Very well packed and protected. Out the outside the packaging is very unassuming and have zero indication of the contents.

  • 1 x Stanoxyl 10 (Winstrol tabs)
  • 2 x Testoxyl Enanthate 250
  • 2 x Sustaxyl 350 (Sustanon)
  • 1 x Nandroxyl 250
  • 1 x Trenboxyl Acetate 100
  • 2 x Clenbutaxyl (clenbuterol)
  • 2 x Axio Testaplex E 250

At least 1/2 the pricing and much more potent than the domestic stuff my friends and I have been using. We're very pleased and we've got more friends that are jumping onboard. #1 - it's my go-to source. Never any bad surprises - even with our 5th order.

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Ive been a customer of Roidspharm for about a dozen cycles now. Ive always had amazing experiences and the pirces and shipping are great as well . They are also very reliable in returning messaging and following

Everything arrives quickly and its well packaged

  • Npp
  • Test Prop
  • Test E
  • Tren A

Ok- So their stuff is great. Otherwise I wouldn't be using them so consistently. Ive won several competitions in my field using this sites gear. The test E gives you institanious sex drive increase and a very stable and steady gain in lean mass. Theothers I stacked - the tren is def. good to go lots of sweats and lots of fat loss. I gained about 20 lbs since using this supplier. I would say the pip is not an issue at all and the products are always very clear and clean. It's just a professional operation all around and I'm very happy !

I would continue to recommend them to friends and family !

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Gets the job done!

Axiolabs Test C - Great gains, little pip but nothing to complain about. Used this product in my last cycle. Strength increased and weight shot up (23 lbs). This was over a span of 10 weeks @ 500mg/wk, last pin was on 10/28. I used HCG as well during the cycle (500iu) to keep everything good to go down below and it did just that. Minimal shrinkage compared to my cycle before where I waited to use hcg until pct and felt a lot of pain in doing so.

I am a big fan of the Axiolabs brand. From what I have used with this brand it really exceeds my expectations. Even down to the vial itself and how it was crimped. Very professional in my eyes.

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First time ordering since that time the site got hacked and had a really hard time trying to order then. Now my faith is fully restored in having received my small order in very very fast time. I always knew Roidspharm is the best and I always stick with the popular Sciroxx products seeing if everyone is agreeing on these then it will for sure be a top notch product. I don't get accommodated in any way from Roidspharm, I just know how I looked for an excellent source for a long time and know how it is so maybe I can help a few people, and if you had a problem before here they have totally straightened it out. The site is superior.

Always on top with communication, they urge you to not hesitate to ask or inquire about anything at all on the site. I really didn't even need to create any tickets they are on top.

Perfect packaging. Everything there order and in great condition, and very clever at that.

2 x SX Test Enanth 250

3 x SX Tamodex (Nolvadex)

2 x Amoxicillin

Their SX Test Enanthate 250 and SX Nolva I've always used as my base Anabolics have always proved to be top notch. Their Amoxicillin took care of my pneumonia before completely rid it so I keep it on hand.

Roidspharm.Net, Trust Them and Thanks

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I have made three orders so far and all have gone good!

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Another order on roidspharm, again no problem with shipping and products of good quality. Happy again with this website, the best i've tried.

Communication was ok , i send tickets beacause one of my package was late , and no problem they answerded quickly, it was late not because of them but because of post.

discreet as always, no problem it arrived good

I started with 2 ml of deca / week and 8 db (10mg) each day during 5 weeks. Quality was good, metaprime is very good dianabol , streingh and mass incrised very well as i expected.

I took the other product to prevend gyno, and to make my balls grow normal again after the stack.

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Always a pleasure with Roidspharm!

Always great, never any issues anyway. I just order and wait for the mail!

T/A is about 2 weeks.

Genotropin 36iu

Its obviously great GH, I've been running their genos for 4 months at 3.5iu a day. I've never been a very lean guy when im trying to put some size on, I have always put on a little to much fat. But I love this HGH because I am staying very very lean and vascular, my muscles have a good 3-D look. My sleep is great as well.

I always get worried ordering HGH especially pharm grade because it has to be stored cold. But with roidspharm i never worry!

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Love using this site. Its the only one I trust.

They have always kept me up to date on every shipment that I have received, You can track how many days till expected delivery through your account on their website and if you still have additional questions you can submit ticket with questions or concerns. They have always promptly sent responses back to me. On more than one occasion during regular working hours their responses have been almost immediate with detailed and very informative responses.

Packaging is professional and always sealed tightly. When delivered (depending on how much you order) it is sealed in packaging that is confidential yet inconspicuous. You do however have to sign for your order when delivered. If you are not there your mail carrier will leave a card in your box and our will have to go pick up and sign for it at your local post office.

KP Dianoxyl 10 (dianabol)

KP Stanoxyl 50 (Winstrol tabs)

KP Masteroxyl 200 (MAsteron)

KP Arimixyl (Arimidex)

KP Letroxyl (Femara)

KP Ortrexyl (methyltrienolone)

This is not my first time around the bock with most of the products listed above. I use dbol, winstrol, and letrozole on a pretty regular basis. All products are good and have always helped me get the results I wanted.

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Received product 7 days after placing order. I have not used all of the products yet, but based on what I have used so far I am content with the quality.

very good, the online support is very useful, and they answer all your questions in seconds.

packaging was discrete and very secure, I received all the things ordered.

3 cyiponate British Dragon

3 anastrozol British Dragon

2 bldenone British Dragon

I starting using and the stuff is great! 100% legit.

ROIDSPHARM is g2g. I made my order got my product and it worked like its supposed to. Definitely I would use only ROIDSPHARM.

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