Trenboxyl Acetate  


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trenboxyl acetate

Trenboxyl Acetate (Trenbolone Acetate) from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals: it is an anabolic and androgenic steroid which has the shortest period of action. The ester of this drug accumulates in fat stores, the active substance is gradually cleaved into the blood. A short half-destruction period predetermines a high frequency of injections, which can be inconvenient for beginners. The average dosage of acetate varies between 50-100 milligrams a day.

Trenboxyl Acetate is one of the most effective in terms of building muscle mass and increasing strength. It should be noted that there is a high incidence of adverse reactions, especially in cases of improperly selected dosages and exceeding the duration of the course.

Trenboxyl Acetate Profile

  • Significant increase in muscle mass
  • Reduction of fatty deposits. The effect is enhanced by stimulation of growth hormone production;
  • Increased sexual desire and libido on cycle. After the drug is withdrawn, the level of secretion of own testosterone is significantly reduced;
  • Double increase in insulin-like growth factor;
  • Decreased cortisol level;
  • Increased strength.
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