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29/08/2018 4:24 pm Website

I've used them many times and have always been pleased with there service and products

Communication is fast as soon as I place an order I get a confirmation email with all the details never had any problems with them

The packaging is how you would expect the bottles of test are coverd in bubble wrap to protect it yet again never had any problems and delivory is fast!!!

Kalpa sustanon

Kalpa tren ace

7lab deca


7Lab Oxys

I've been on cycle for 8 weeks of 12 week cycle and so far WOW 600 sust 400 deca is working nicely pumps like I've never had before! I had some pain in my joints which has now passes as the deca has kicked in I'm a bit bloted which is expected. I waited 4 weeks until I started to pin the tren and it's blowing my mind! I've never been so strong it's unreal! the intensity of my workouts are amazing! got a bit of back acne and I've noticed a slight change in mood I can vouch 100% the kalpa brands are legit! Everyone's been commenting on how big I'm looking mostly because of the deca Haha but seriously tren is ridiculous

As I've said I've used this supplier a few times and all I have is praise! The deals are great 10 25% off on some deals! Free prop or test on some orders give them a try you won't be disappointed 😉

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19/09/2018 4:26 pm  

I ordered from ROIDS-SHOP.COM just over 2 weeks ago and the results are amazing,I've already gained 7 lbs and muscle size and strength has increased a lot, I will always be ordering from these guys from now on and would recommend anyone else to do the same too!

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24/10/2018 3:16 pm  

I was lucky enough to be a part of promo.

No difficulties with the order whatsoever, Smooth transaction. No communication beyond the order was necessary

Package was discrete and delivered within guidelines. I believe T/A was less than 2 weeks

1 kalpa test prop 100

This was my first experience running prop. I have only run long esters (cyp and enath)prior to this.

I ran the prop as a kick 100mg EOD until it was gone.......The PIP was a bit much in the beginning but I got used to it and it wasnt crippling as I heard prop could be, I had some SEVERE aggression issues. I had to remind myself that It was the test at work !!! I put on a couple of lean lbs as my diet tends to be high protien but a little calorie deficient at times. Definite strength increase and motivation while training.. All n all I had an excellent experience and I will be running kalpa products in the future.

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14/11/2018 4:16 pm  

This is my third order from

And not the last.

I am very much enthusiastically what the range of products it begins.

With the last order was not my Kalpa Test on stock, if 7Lab has agreed for it

The stuff is wonderful:-)I hope you have here fast again the new which I can order again.

Everything very fast and without problems

Very quick delivery and well packs

Kalpa Bolde

Kalpa Testo E(this was not there....for that 7Lab)

Kalpa Bolde does not persuade me really.....all the other products I had Tren A, Masterone P and Testo P from Kalpa was good stuff.

7Lab Testo E is very fucking great stuff.I want more.

would please me very much if you soon have even more Injectables from 7Lab there.

since with you I order over and over again with pleasure

Hope you understand, my English is very bad;-)

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12/12/2018 4:09 pm  

Well the results are clearly visible if anyone wants to take a look at my pics, primobolon depot and anavar from have worked their magic tied together with an ultra clean diet,heavy training and lots and lots of high intensity cardio has made me rock hard and vascular in places i never thought i had veins. have always come through for us sometimes on a moments notice,all transactions are so smooth and stress free it allows the mind to stay focused on the task at hand,as long has are around we will be using them,the best steroid source in my opinion.

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19/12/2018 2:01 pm  

I felt Roids-shop's excellent service deserved a reiview. Mind you guys that this is my first review on this site so go easy on me please.

I had a few issues, but never with their communication. always responded promptly and never left me feeling lost,confused, or worried.

The T/A was well over a month. I'm so after over a month I asked if I could get a reship and after sending them my order number an hour or so later that said it was reshipped. Two days later the original order got here and less than ten days later the reship came. I the first order two amps of hcg (5000ui) were destroyed. This is not due to Roids-shop's packaging it seemed to be cut opened taken apart and when customs realized it was nothing scheduled they decided to just ship it. Guessing it happened before it got to the US. The second package was put together great and never opened all contents came tightly sealed and it looked like a regular mail.

I used the hcg at the end of my cycle over a few weeks time. My balls felt least sensitive and seemed to get back to their original size; my conclusion is it worked well. After a few weeks after my last pin I used the clomid. After a few weeks of use I was more horny again like I'm supposed to be and after I was completely out I felt 99 % back to normal as far as sex drive goes. I also lost very little of the muscle and size I earned son I would have to say I believe the clomid is also very good

They kept in touch with me until everything was resolved and their products were on point. I can't wait to use them again and check out their oils some time down the roa

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23/01/2019 12:04 pm  

So far placed 1 order from this supplier. Was very pleased with the outcome.

Wonderful communication! Replied back to my email(s) within 24 hours without problem.

Packaging was very stealthy and simple. Received the package in about 2 weeks.

Dianabol 10 - 1000 tabs.

AMAZING results so far. So far gained 15 lbs and halfway done using this product

I highly suggest this seller! Prices are also outstanding.

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13/02/2019 6:25 pm  


Packaging is great, and even tho it took 3 deliveries to get my order right T/A was still better than a lot of other domestic sources

I LOVE THIS GEAR, been running Kalpa's test and tren for a month, i have veins popping that i havent seen in a long time strength is WAY up, stamina is WAY up, i have been chasing the wife around the house, sex drive is insatiable, i really really really like this tren, sleep is a bit fucked up but im used to that night sweats are not bad but i keep A/C at 68 at night and sleep without any covers on, dbol was for a friend he is loving it strength is up he is holding some water but that is to be expected, anavar i havent ran yet

This is a great source, i have already placed another order, and recieved it (all in same pkg ;)) and getting ready to place another


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