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29/08/2018 4:24 pm  

I've used them many times and have always been pleased with there service and products

Communication is fast as soon as I place an order I get a confirmation email with all the details never had any problems with them

The packaging is how you would expect the bottles of test are coverd in bubble wrap to protect it yet again never had any problems and delivory is fast!!!

Kalpa sustanon

Kalpa tren ace

7lab deca


7Lab Oxys

I've been on cycle for 8 weeks of 12 week cycle and so far WOW 600 sust 400 deca is working nicely pumps like I've never had before! I had some pain in my joints which has now passes as the deca has kicked in I'm a bit bloted which is expected. I waited 4 weeks until I started to pin the tren and it's blowing my mind! I've never been so strong it's unreal! the intensity of my workouts are amazing! got a bit of back acne and I've noticed a slight change in mood I can vouch 100% the kalpa brands are legit! Everyone's been commenting on how big I'm looking mostly because of the deca Haha but seriously tren is ridiculous

As I've said I've used this supplier a few times and all I have is praise! The deals are great 10 25% off on some deals! Free prop or test on some orders give them a try you won't be disappointed 😉

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19/09/2018 4:26 pm  

I ordered from ROIDS-SHOP.COM just over 2 weeks ago and the results are amazing,I've already gained 7 lbs and muscle size and strength has increased a lot, I will always be ordering from these guys from now on and would recommend anyone else to do the same too!


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