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Hey there, this is my second order from, and I am extremely satisfied. In case you're checking growxxl for the best place to buy gear, is the very best in my opinion. I was kinda nervous ordering the first time however it turns out there was no need to be concerned. The payment options were entirely secure and my payment came through without any hassle. The was entirely professional regarding any questions I had about my order. Also, shipment was highly discreet and the order came over no problems even though my country has a lot of customs checks. They offer a really wide range of products at a good pricepoint, so that's also a big plus. Long story short: Awesome supplier! and this is definitely be the only place where I order gear, even though I tried other suppliers.

Like I said before, the communication with the support team was fast and highly professional. The first time I ordered with them I had quite a few questions but they helped me through every step of the way. You can always leave a ticket. I left two tickets in total and they both got answered really fast! 10/10

The package that I received looked like any regular mail order, none of my roommates suspected there was gear in it. The products were also well packages and secured in the box, a lot better then with other suppliers I tried before ordering from Delivery time was really fast as well given that I received both of my orders within two weeks:

  • 1 x DP Winstrol 10
  • 3 x DP Enantat 250
  • 3 x DP Trenbolone 200
  • 2 x DP Aromasin
  • 1 x DP Arimidex
  • 3 x Brand HCG Inj 5000iu

I'm in my fifth week of this cycle and the products are definitely of extremely high quality. The oil is not too thin and not too thick, no weird colors or weird labeling. It's all perfectly in order. Gains are also above normal compared to previous cycles with other products!

Easily the best gear supplier in the USA. Would definitely recommend people buying here.

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Posts: 2 gear is 100% legit.

They have first quality products Dragon Pharma and human grade, some Axio and Kalpa. They are not always quick to get back to you, but they will respond and they honor their reship policy The products show up within the time expected and they have some of the best pricing around

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I have been ordering from for last 3 years. I've had no issues with anything I've ordered. I usually take advantage of whatever is on sale, than add other items at the same time.

Packing very discrete. T/A usually from 9 to 21 days

Quality is excellent. Currently running DP test prop and DP Anavar and I love the results. is the best! Order here and you wont be disappointed. I highly recommend shopping here!

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Posts: 12 hands down is the best intl source. I have had the opportunity to order from them through the years and also win a few promos. Definitely the most generous source on here, from their insane promo giveaways to their product of the week. These guys have deep pockets and take care of everyone. This review is of some of the products I have recently used in the past few months.

Enterprise grade communication system. Reps always respond within 24 hours. I have yet to encounter any issues with their support. Provided tracking on occasions without issue.

Excellent packaging and gear arrives unscathed every time within the projected T/A. Not a single complaint

DP Anavar

DP Trenbolone 100

Bayer Proviron

Bayer/Schering Testoviron

DP Anavar:

I had a couple of pouches of DP Anavar left from the last promo and decided to let my new girlfriend try it. She started at 5mg ED for 2 weeks, then ramped it up to 5mg Morning, 5mg Night. Its doing exactly what it should. Muscle hardening, increased pump at the gym, her libido has skyrocketed. This might be a little TMI but she has reported that her vag occasionally throbs and she gets really horny and wet spontaneously! I pray I'm there every time or the mailman might end up getting a piece too ๐Ÿ™ That whole area has swollen up bit, but I think that's from our over the top sex sessions. No clitoral enlargement, voice changes or acne. She loves the stuff and I do too ๐Ÿ˜‰

DP Trenbolone 100:

Tren is definitely dosed accurately. I noticed all the tell tale signs of Acetate within 8 days, aggression up, irritibility up, strength slowly increasing, libido HIGH, improved vascularity, saw a enhanced look to my muscles, increased sweating during exercise/sex/sleep, slight acne. If you are looking to get that unnatural enhanced mutant look to your body, run tren, nothing beats it! Very dark oil, and had low pip.

Bayer Proviron:

Real pharmaceutical grade product. I ordered this for my boy and he loved it... It allowed him to lower his AI and he said gave him improved erections.

DP Dianabol 20mg:

Awesome dianabol. At 20mg I saw skin bursting pump at the gym. I love dbol and this stuff is POTENT.

Excellent mood enhancement as a side. Had my nipples flaring up but nothing a little bit of arimidex couldn't solve.

Bayer/Schering Testoviron: sent me a bunch of these amps to test out. I'm at the start of my 5th week and running it 500mg EW. My weight has gone up 15 lbs, strength has increased, endurance, both nipples flared up and i increased my AI dosage to Adex .5mg EOD and that solved the problem I'm loving this stuff. The oil is thick so it does need to be heated to move through a 25ga pin. Zero pip. I will be pulling bloods after this week is over, so stay tuned.

This source is constantly improving. Their selection cannot be matched. I've never seen any retail operation be so generous with their customers. I don't even have family members that are as generous as You simply cannot go wrong ordering from this source.

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This review is for the second order I placed on It was nothing but a positive experience for me. Everything came in in a timely manner, I got lots of discounts on all the products, and all the products worked as they should.

No communication was necessary. I followed the payment instructions and they updated me with a tracking number as soon as it was available.

Packaging was discreet and tight no broken vials or cracked tabs.

  • 2 dp mast 200
  • 3 dp test e
  • 2 dp nolva
  • 2 dp aromasin

I ran the test at 750 mg/wk and mast at 500 mg/wk for the last 6 or so weeks of my cycle. All in all I gained 30 lbs on this cycle all with products. After getting off and using their pct products I only lost 7 lbs so overall it was a great experience and I will definitely order again.

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I have ordered from at least 4 time and they have come through every time. it seems like the shipping has gotten faster and faster over the years.

Communication has always been good. any question was always answered in a timely matter.

For this order it was about 12 business days.

  • Dragon Pharma Test E
  • DP Suspension 100
  • Pharma Caber
  • Pharma HCG

I ran the products for 12 weeks with Great results. Weight and strength went up substantially. I was also running deca from another source but could tell all gear was on point. The Suspension had me beastin in the gym. The HCG kept the nads hanging and the caber kept all the unwanted sides at bay. I only used one bottle of the dragon pharma test e along with another lab test so i can not really comment on that but of all my orders from I have never been disappointed. is a one stop shop with a huge selection and awesome weekly specials. I definitely recommend this source.

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My first order through

Communication was great. I emailed daily with customer service and they were always very prompt with their reply. I was very impressed with how quickly and efficiently they responded to my questions and concerns.

Packaging was how you expect sensitive items to be shipped. Fragile items were wrapped carefully and undamaged. If you live in a location where items should remain private then packing should be of little concern from

  • Dragon pharma test cyp 250
  • Dragon pharma winstrol 50mg tabs
  • Dragon pharma deca 300
  • Dragon pharma clenbuterol 40mcg tabs
  • Dragon pharm Dbol 20 mg tabs
  • Dragon pharma test prop 100
  • Dragon pharma nolvadex 20mg

Products were very clean. Sealed in air tight packages and crimped well. smooth injections with little to no pip (post injection pain). Using: Dbol 40 mgs ed. 600 mgs test c every 7 days. 400 mgs deca every 7 days.

Ill be running the dbol for 6 weeks, test for 12 weeks, deca for 12 weeks. and then nolva for 4 weeks. I am on week 2 and So far there have been great strength gains from the dbol and I am already up about 5-6 lbs. Time will tell on the test and deca but so far I am very confident in the products based on the results from the dbol thus far. holding the other products for later cycles.

I freaked out when my product did not come in on time after it shipped, especially when I did not receive any notifications on where the package was after it left its origin. There was no evidence of seizure so I was really worried they would not reship. But came through and reshipped within 4 days of notification. I received my package within 14 days all accounted for. Yes, it took longer to get then initially planned, but when ordering certain products it is an understood fact that things will...lose their way at times. The important part is that accommodated and made up for the lost items. They understand that most of the time "people like us" will remain loyal to a source as long as the source is loyal to us.

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Have only ordered from because its the only consistent source I trust. All my buddy order from here too and they've never experienced any problems!

Any questions I had were all answered quickly if not definitely within the 24 hours. This time around the payment process took a little bit longer than usual but still very smooth.

Everything was properly sealed and packaged very discreetly. I did however receive my packages at different dates but I figured its what they do when you order in large quantities of gear. After the payment, received my first package in about 2 weeks and the other in little over 3.

Quality was all exactly expected and anticipated. First time using long esters so got a bit impatient at first waiting for even the test to kick. Definitely around the third and fourth week my strength shot up. Put only more water compared to short esters but felt more fluid all around my body. Eq definitely increased my apetite. I was eating over 4k in pure whole carbs and proteins and still wanting to eat. During the 16 week cycle the growth was definitely a slow progression but it was also more sustainable and solid. Got blood done around middle of the cycle, and test levels were close 6000 on 600mgs of test and 750mgs of Eq. My estrogen was also at bay which means the AIs did its job. The cialis were just as good. You can ask the ms for confirmation ๐Ÿ˜‰ The dbol how ever was too much for me but i can't handle orals in general. The first two weeks of it, jesus christ. At only 25 mgs the pumps and strengths were unreal. Got to point where i laughed sometimes in the gym starting at my self and seeing how retardedly big the pumps were. Overall the compounds all performed exactly their purpose. Gained about 15lbs of lean mass without water. Feel like i definitely couldve put more size if i was consistent with my nutrition. In conclusion, very happy.

Third time ordering from and very satisfied in all areas. About to place my next oder as we speak ๐Ÿ˜‰

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This was my second cycle from and let me tell you guys it was worth it.Been lifting weights for 4 years and STEROIDS.BIZ and his gear never left me down. )

No problem whatsoever.I always get answered to my questions and emails.

Great quality and quick took 2 weeks to get the package.

As for the product, i gained 8 pounds, i was looking much leaner and felt great overall. Test Prop was smooth and i didnt have any sides ( acne) from WInny which i have read in the past that it might happend when using it. Overall , if you buying gear, this is the place....:

Looking forward to my new cycle.....HGH baby

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Posts: 2 is the shit! I've used other sources and seems to be top of the line! This has been hands down one of the easiest, cheapest sources I have ordered from to date. Never had to worry about anything with these guys!

There's was none needed once so ever. Went on the site, ordered my compounds and was kept up to date thru automatic emails. Never had to contact them as there was no reason to.

T/A was about 11 days from the time funds were picked up until I received my package. IMO that's extremely fast T/A for international shipping. The packaging was spot on. Very discreet. No one would ever question it.

  • DP EQ 300
  • DP Test E 250
  • DP Arimidex
  • DP Dianabol These were to complete a cycle I already had most of the gear for.
  • 500mg DP Test E EW 1-18
  • 900mg DP EQ EW 1-16
  • 50mg dbol ED 1-5

All these products are great. I rate them up there in the top of any compounds I've ever done. Just as good as pharma grade. On this cycle so far I'm up 15lbs. The first couple of weeks thanks to the Dbol my strength and libido shot thru the roof once the test kicked in it only increased it! All the typical sides. Oily skin, like I mentioned libido sky rocket. A little acne flared as well as some bloat counter acted with DP Adex as well as some over the counter remedies and loads of water a day to bring that under control. All in all I'd have to say that and DP bring a very competitive, affordable, quality product to the game that any "performance enhancer" will appreciate and come to rely on! Thanks for helping to make my goals and aspirations possible!

i recommend for any of their products. Great customer service, stealth shipping & packaging techniques and great quality gear!

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Posts: 2 is my go to international source and I have placed multiple orders in the past and never had a problem. If there is any issue, they will resolve it quickly and professionally. I love them for their huge products selection, prices and fast service. I Usually receive it around the 2 week mark. It never got to 3 weeks and so far, nothing got stopped.

There was no communication required with this order. Everything went smooth. Just follow the instructions carefully and have some patients.

For international source their T/A is always amazing - around 2 weeks and products are always packed safely and securely.

Run tren at 0.75 eod with test 100 eod for 10 weeks. This was my first run with tren and as much as I enjoyed awesome strength gains and change in body composition I had to stop it after the 6 weeks. The night sweats and sleep I could handle but the aggression and anxiety was causing too much trouble at work and in personal life so decided that then is not for me and dropped it. Continued for the rest of the cycle on test

P alone. Overall I gained about 12 solid pounds and cut my bf about 3%. The strength while on tren was going up week by week, it slowed down after I dropped it but still nice strength and mass gain. Insane pumps and libido while on cycle.

Definitely recommend these products and the source and I will continue to use them as long as they continue to offer the same service.

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This was my first time using I found them through a friend, who has been a long time user. really has one of the biggest selections out there. I mean they have everything. I am about to place my second order soon. I think I have found the right website, And I know I am a loyal customer now.

Communication was fast and they always replied within 2 days, when I sent the question. I wanted to know some stuff about the products and they were extremely helpful as well as knowledgeable.

The packaging was received 9 days earlier, which is awesome. I was able to track the package all the way from Europe to U.S. I took them all together around 23 days. I am very satisfied that it actually arrived sooner.

This is what I ordered:

Dragon Pharma and Abdi:

  • 2 x DP Oxymetholon (Anadrol/Anapolon)
  • 4 x DP Deca 300
  • 1 x DP Femara
  • 3 x DP T3 (Trijodthyronin, Cytomel)
  • 1 x DP Nolvadex
  • 1 x DP Suspension
  • 4 x T3 (Tiromel)
  • 3 x DP EQ / Test E
  • 4 x T4 (Levotiron)

I have been using T3 nad T4 for about 4 months this year, and the same amount of time last year. I always use it for my prep to help me lean out. T3 and T4 are just oral pills, you usually take them both paired together to get better results. They really kick your thyroid and you do sweat a lot and also see the results pretty fast. For T3 and T4 I have always used Abdi company from Turkey, but I wanted to give DP a try, and I love it. the Nolva and Letro I always keep on hand just for emergencies. I have had great experience with Dragon Pharma Nolvadex and Letro. Great products, always take Nolva on prep an keep Letro just in case. I did experience a slight gyno once, and DP Letro worked so well, I was surprised. In only couple of days I got rid of it. I haven't used their Anadrol and Deca,but heard good stuff and rea goo reviews, so can't wait to try them both. I idd however use their Suspension and EQ / Test E mixture. I usually take it before working out. You inject it 30 min before, and when it kicks in the gym,, you really get great pumps. There is no pain, like some people say. At least I never got any from Dragon Pharma. Overall, I can't wait to order more stuff from DP, like tren, winny,and primo from DP.

I would definitely suggest this website to anyone. Easy to use, great prices. They always have special promotions going on. You can find almost everything you are looking for. Definitely a return customer

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Posts: 3 is amazing. Deeper pockets than any other. They run amazing promos, offer exceptional service and ship legit product. I participated in the August promo and was very pleased with what generously sent me.

Enterprise grade support system. I've never had an issue with communication or the support offered. provides better support then many fortune 500 companies .

Extremely discrete and well packaged. No damage, product arrived unscathed. T/A was as estimated. Two seperate packs were sent. One for the GH, and one for the orals.

Bayer Proviron

Kalpatropin 100iu

The proviron increases my libido like nothing else. Erection quality is amazing on this stuff, and I can start feeling it within a day of dosing. Legit product, one of my favorites. Kalpatropin anti-counterfeit # verified. Sleep improved, skin improved. Awesome pumps. Legit.

Hands down the best international source.

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Posts: 1 is a great site, if you're not a user and trying to decide whether or not to i say go for it. I 100 percent trust and recommend this site. The best part is the detailed description of each product on what it does and how to take it. Quality products, huge range of choices. Took find what you want here and not be disappointed.

Very good coinciding dif counties, always get an answer within the next business day

All my orders came compete with no damage. Very satisfied with how they ship the product

This was my last order, it was for me and my friend

  • 4 x DP Winstrol 50 tabs
  • 5 x DP Test Cyp 250
  • 1 x DP Deca 300
  • 3 x DP Tren 200
  • 2 x DP Clenbuterol
  • 6 x DP Aromasin
  • 1 x DP Viagra 100 mg

This last cycle cycle

ย - test 500mg week 1-10

ย - exemestane 1/2 pill every day weeks 1-14

ย - deca 300 week 1-10

ย - winny tabs 50 mg every day first 8 weeks Had extra clomid that i took week 10-14

Note that I ordered a small amount of viagra on the last order. That was a personal choice but not necessary. Two to three weeks off cycle my erections are not the quality that im used too so I chose to use 1/4 off the blue pill to keep having great sex. Just another great product that offers

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Once again stood by its word and delivered the product before time. I am always relieved when I order through because I know I will get my product, good quality and in time.

Excellent and Discrete

1 x Testosterone Enanthate

1 x PROVIRON (Mesterolone)

2 x TAMOXIFEN (Nolvadex)

had great pump although for some reason after every shot I got severr bodyache and high temperature for a day. Never happened before, may be because this is the first time I tried this new gear.

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