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I have ordered from two times. Both times I received my full order & was satisfied.

Communication wasn't necessary. Notification was sent for payment & shipment

T/A was about two weeks for both orders. Packaging was tight & discreet.

I ran the hcg, nolvadex and clomid during pct. I have not ran any of the other products. I ran hcg two week prior to start of pct & during the first two weeks of pct. I had some testicular shrinkage due to a long cycle. After a few shots of hcg, they started returning back to size. They are back to normal now.

I ran the nolvadex for a 4 week pct. I have a tendency to get estrogen related sides during pct, especially puffy and itchy nips. The nolvadex kept this side effect at bay like it should.

I ran the clomid during my 4 week pct. I believe it was successful at hpta stimulation. I was having some libido issues while on cycle. Libido is back to normal now. The lethargy that I was feeling has gone away & my workouts seem to be better.

I will do bloods in 5 weeks to verify that everything is back to normal

All in all, a very good experience with British Dragon Pharma's store. No muss, no fuss. Order, pay, receive. Kinda hard to complain about that. I have another big order planned & will order soon.

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I am 6 for 6 on receiving my products from BRITISH DRAGON and I don't plan on ordering from anyone else in my lifetime.

Package was very neatly packaged, nothing would ever break due to the way they package it. It is also very discrete there is no way you would be able to tell what in there. Package arrived in about 10 days after the products were shipped to the US. Which internationally is very quick.

The british oxanabol is the best anavar ive ever used gets you insanely lean and dosage definitely seems up to par with these.

I have had no problem with gyno ever since starting their anastrozole .5 mg eod and i used to get gyno consistently before i started using this

The mesterolone tablets served almost as a good kick start I started getting nice pumps when taking it at 50mg ED with Test e to begin my cycle.

I had two very good experiences with BD prop and its working very well now again.

Durabol has given me some insane size and pumps on my arms. Great quality and is just a short estered deca im not sure why everyone doesnt use this instead.

Overall, no one should get from anyone but BD. They have great customer service, great and effective products, and the prices are very good. Also they offer you countless ways to get discounts for their site. If anyone feels sketchy about placing an order, they have no minimum order amount so just buy an amp of something and when it arrives in about 14 days your gonna be pissed you didn't get more!

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This is my sixth order from I made a really small order this last time just because I couldn't pass on the 30% off holiday special without getting something. They always have good deals going like product of the week.

I had a few complications with the payment on this order, but they were always responsive when I needed them. They also corrected the issue easily and got my order sent out.

Packaging is always very discreet and protective. I'm was in the middle of moving and had this sent to my work. It came in a small thin package and looked like some sort of booklet.

Ive been doing Methanabol 50 mgs a day and been on these for about 3 weeks. Running these for about 6 weeks total. As always, this dbol is right on target with the potency. Ive been taking one each morning and have incredible pumps in the gym after work. I've been able to hold a lot of my size and strength while taking a break from injectables.

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Have made 3 orders with over the last year. BD is the only source I fully trust. All three orders have arrived within 3 weeks, nicely packaged and top quality. I have looked at alternate sources and do Not feel confident in any of them. BD has the biggest selection and easiest website to navigate. Please keep up the good work.

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The communication and products from is very professional.The products have ALWAYS came and have ALWAYS been Superb.

Extremely discrete and well packaged. No damage, product arrived unscathed.

8 x BD Test Depot

2 x BD Mast 100 (Masteron)

1 x BD Turanabol 10

Saw great gains in size and strength. And massive increase in hunger.Amazing Products and have received every order i placed ( over 20 ).

British Dragon is my favorite lab and BD is my go to source for most everything.


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I was referred to by a friend several months ago and have now ordered 5-6 times - all successfully and delivered in less than 3 weeks tops! One of my orders arrived in 11 days from payment date to delivery date. Every single product I have ordered through BD, regardless of the lab, has been top notch and legit. If you use the products responsibly and as recommended, the results are virtually guaranteed!

I only had to communicate with BD online for my first order, simply because I wasn't sure what I was getting into and was a bit of a Nervous Nelly in monitoring my first order. Since then I simply place my order and sit back and relax until it's delivered because I know it's coming.

The packaging is always discreet and well padded to prevent breakage. None of my shipments have been damaged in any way.

I stacked BD EQ (400/wk x 10 weeks) with BD Test E 250 (500/wk x 10 weeks) and BD Methan 10 (30/day for first 4 weeks). I was very impressed with the slow, steady increase in quality muscle mass I acquired with the BD Bold. I am noticeably more muscular AND vascular, and have gained significantly in either reps or weight in all of my exercises.

If you're on the fence and considering BD , do yourself and favor and JUST DO IT.

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All questions answered fast and friendly as usual with which is really cool! It makes you comfortable to ask all of your questions without getting attitude . Just another bonus .

T/A is always great with BD, just a few weeks from payment to mailbox And packaged securely . Love it

BD mesterolone is really a high quality product ,at 25 mgs a day I get a great boost to my test cycle and it hardens me up and definitely helps bloat and keeps estro sides down,,

BD exemestane is great , I just take half a tablet every other day and have no problems with estro or bloat , I always keep some masin on hand just in case and BD exemestane is a wise choice when buying a AI .

BD has never let me down , I'd recommend them definitely!

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i absolutely recommend these guys without a doubt and look forward to future british dragon runs.

BD was clear and concise on communication.

package received in precisely 10 business days

testp & npp by british dragon

ran 6 weeks of test p @ 150 & npp 100 eod, finishing with a 7th week of just test p @ 150 eod for a part 1 spring cutter. my libido instantly shot through the roof, this has been by far the craziest cycle in regards to a rockin libido. within the previously stated time frame i was able to drop 3% BF while gaining roughly 2.5 lbs of muscle(actually i couldve prolly gained more muscle but i just noticed the scale said i was 2.5 lbs heavier than when i started), current weight is 224lbs. i had a few cheat meals so you can understand that with a little more dedication the BF% couldve been lower. so far my abs are starting to show and muscles are beginning to define, but i have a little more work in store.

the pip was practically non existent in my delts & glutes, however ive recently starting pinning my quads and man for 2 days following the injection the muscle felt like a sledge hammer came down on it (pip in quads only).

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Another top notch job and gear by british dragon! I'm LOVING my Winny, mast, sust-350, primo, clen stack!! I'm dropping BF like crazy, my muscles are gorged and hard as a rock! About to make my next bulk cycle order and it will be with again!

Packaging was original, everything was exactly as advertised.

5th cycle-Winny 50/day, sust 350- 700/week, clen 2, .04 tabs /day, primo 300/week, mast 300/week I started out at 17.7% bf, after 3 weeks I'm down to 12.2%. I cleaned up my diet, but its mostly the same as before I started cutting minus sugar intake and high GI carb intake. I also added 45 mins of cardio a day. The clen definetly raised my heart rate and anxiety But its managable levels. Side note: clen nakes my sweat like crazy! Other than the hardness and bf drop, not much had changed between this phase and my bulk phase. Which I'm very pleased with, meaning my strength has maintained, I'm still growing and I hope this will help me maintain size through my pct.

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This site is the BEST! My products came in within 9 days and were great quality! I have used other sites in the past and have had many problems with getting my orders in a timely manor and they were more expensive as well. I will always use this site for all my future orders knowing that I will receive the best customer service and products.

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packing is safe and discreet. They package it well to insure no broken products!

susanon 270, dbol, hcg, clomid, nolva,

I did a 12 week cycle of sustanon and dbol about 6 months ago and i put on 23lbs!!! I am about to order again and do another 12 weeks!


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This was my first interaction with and a very positive experience it has been. From the first ticket to BD to delivery to my door, fast, effective and friendly service.

Currently running a classic bulker of test / sust / deca / drol, this being the test e base to my cycle. I'm now in week 8 and starting to roll along nicely. So far I'm up around 4lbs from start, but BF% has dropped down from 13 to 11% which at my size (250lbs) is a fairly healthy return. Strength is up considerably, high libido and a great feeling of well being. British Dragon gear always ticks the box for me.

All in all, excellent and would recommend. Thanks BD.

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I placed an order with and was very skeptical as it was my first time ordering online. I ordered the following products:

  • BD bold 200 (equipoise)
  • BD test cypionate
  • BD turinabol
  • BD winny 10
  • BD clomid
  • BD arimidex
  • BD aromasin
  • BD nolvadex

I ordered all BD due to the amazing prices on them compared to other brands they have on their site and also other brands I have found on multiple other sites. I promptly recieved an email back to my order of instructions on how to pay and thanking me for my order. I paid the next day and the money was picked up the day after. I was very scared of being scammed but the members at British Dragon responded to every email i sent to them no matter how big or small of a question it was. I was emailed the confirmation about 3 or 4 days after the money was picked up and anxiously awaited my shipment. About 18 days later I received my goods and it was like Christmas came early. It was shipped in two seperate orders considering I had ordered a lot of liquid. My first package with test and all my PCT and orals was very discreet and wrapped tightly and was so compact I almost thought there was no way it was all in there. Thankfully it all was.

My second package of EQ was broken by the mail during shipping and I got a sorry note from the postal service and I was very upset. I immediately emailed BD and sent them pics of the one broken bottle out of 3 and they quickly sent out a replacement with an email apologizing for the inconvienence, When I got the package of my new EQ, I opened it excited to start on my goods but to my amazement I opened it to find not just the one replacement bottle but THREE brand new bottles. That gesture in itself was enough to make me a customer for life since those two extra bottles were out of their pocket.

I started my cycle and got amazing hardness and vascularity from the tbol and the injections were smooth as silk with almost no post injection pain. I was sore for a day or two at most and it was absolutely amazing. I gained about 10 pounds from the tbol and once that EQ and test kicked in I blew up and couldnt stop eating on top of being horny none stop. I had crazy strength and was going up 10 lbs or more in everything i was doing just about every week it seemed. I had no gyno or sides except for an oily face and some mood swings but nothing crazy or unmanageable. At the end of my cycle I started on my winny and couldnt stop feeling myself. Every muscle in my body was as hard as a rock. My mind was absolutely blown by their products.

I started on PCT and never had any sides or ups and downs of my hormones and couldnt even tell i was coming of of anything so I can safely say that the PCT did their job and then some. After I came off the PCT i was back to normal and completely fine with no depression or anything. Overall results of the cycle was I gained 35 lbs of solid muscle, got super lean and defined and had an amazing overall experience from beginning to end with BD. IMO 10/10 and I am for sure a life time customer and preparing to order my 2nd order from them 🙂

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First time customer here! I saw the 40% promo and I just had to give it a shot and I'm extremely happy that I did.

The communication and support were decent. The first shipment contained the wrong products (partially), but after opening a ticket in the support center of and showing them what they sent me, they helped me out and within a week I received the correct products.

The shipping was extremely fast and by that I mean less than 48 hours for the first shipment. The packaging was ok, they could have used some thicker material to protect the products a little bit better. Nonetheless everything arrived safely and undamaged.

  • 5x BD Trenbolone Acetate
  • 1x BD Nolvadex
  • 1x BD Clomid

The tren is doing exactly what it's supposed to do, I'm experiencing the typical tren sides such as the excessive sweating, I'm a little bit more on edge and less patient, especially in traffic. Strength is skyrocketing. Muscles feel a lot harder, I look more vascular and body fat is decreasing rapidly. I've used their nolvadex and clomid for my previous PCT and all worked well.

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9th Order as a competitor in this industry and I could not be more in love with a website! I will forever be a customer with them.

Very fast and to the point, Never any run around and always helpful

about 2 weeks and wrapped perfecftly: test, winny, var, clen, t3

Best of the best!

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