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best site on thwe web hands down. ordered 4 times from them recieved in a timely fashion every time. gREAT customer care, ive used about 3 diff sites and this by FAR is the best

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Great place to order from. Always reliable! Will get back to you with any questions you have

Lifetime customer won't order from anywhere else their gear is top notch! Super fast shipping and very discreet

Very great. Never any problems with there communication team they have always gotten back to me with answer to all my questions and problems

Discreet and very secure

Never any product broken or missing


Top notch products always dosed right in my opinion

Very smooth oils no much pip ever and I use quads all the time

Ran test e for 16wks at 400mg

Eq at 400mg for 16 wks

Sust at 270mg a WK for first 10wks

Anavar at 60mg the last 8wks of cycle

Clomid pct

Results were amazing! Gained 15lbs of solid mass and kept it all

Highly recommended by me

Lifetime customer won't be disappointed

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I have heard a lot of good comments about and I wanted to give them a try. I honestly love their prices.The whole process is easy and secure. No hassles and no worries. Everything went exceptionally well as I had hoped. I will never go anywhere else to buy my stuff. They are genuine and they are great!

Communication is excellent, they answers your questions in 24 hours maximum, with maximum clarity, providing tracking numbers and information about the use of their products, excellent !!!!

T/A time was about 10 days. Packaging was extremely discrete and very carefully done. Everything was intact. Top Service !!!

So far so good. Everything goes in smooth and pip is at a minimum.

TEST 400 definitely causes me to rage quite a bit and pumps are just really up.

Going into the gym feeling good, coming out feeling even better all the time. This cycle will be extended from my usual 10 week program to a 12 week.

Will post another review once I'm done this cycle.

Will be ordering from them again....

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My 10th order with and just as satisfied as the first. They offer products from so many different brands that you cant go wrong with them. They ship out within a few business days of receiving payment and keep you updated along the entire process from payment to shiiping. great quality products and never had any issues with the shipping, products or ordering from BD

BD support and communication is great. They email you every step of the way from payment received to shipment sent to tracking number updated.

Shipping was fast and delivered very discreeetly. Everything that was glass was wrapped and packaged great and obviously handled with care.

Product quality is top notch. You can choose from so many different brands that all have their own reviews. Every product ive ever ordered from them has been great and worked just like its suppose to .

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I must admit, i was nervous with my first order.... has proven me wrong 3 times now. Ive placed 3 orders over the last 3 months and all have arrived without an issue. All products are effective and properly dosed.... I felt right and the Bloodwork proved it .

I didn't need communication regarding the orders but when I asked questions regarding possible payment methods and a website issue ( which was not the site at all-it was my phone) BD answered within a day or two.

The packaging was compact and obviously did not attract any attention.

The quality is definitely there....

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I have ordered from three times now. My orders have varied in products but usually I spend over 300 dollars. I've never had an issue with BD. The products show up quickly and the gear has always been good. I am a BD customer for life.

I didn't need to communicate except to ask for advice with PIP from the Test Prop. I'm one of the people who get the swelling and major pain when I inject...most of the time. They offered advice and the issue is getting better now. I was amazed that BD not only helped, but that they care. Unmatched customer service.

Very well packaged and very discreet. No issues with broken products, no issues with being able to see what the items are without opening the package, and my wife still has no clue.

My very first order was the beginners cut cycle. I gained about 15 pounds of lean muscle from this cycle. This was my test cycle to see if the gear was legit. I couldn't have been happier with the results.

I'm building some cycles using the half off products as I get the money saved up. there has been more but I cant remember it all. I'm putting together another order as we speak.

I believe that all of the products received are very legit. I have lost almost 5 inches off of my waist and have not lost a pound. I am gaining muscle as fast as I am cutting fat. My wife can't keep her hands off of me any more and I get the look from a lot of hotties out there. I have had little trouble with mood, little trouble with sides (some gyno that was easily combated), and no trouble gaining mass. I have gained over 15 pounds now with the cycle and still have three weeks left. I couldn't be happier with the product.

Don't hesitate to buy from Feel free to ask them your questions, but I feel that BD has built a lifetime customer out of me. No bunk gear just muscle quality product.

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These guys are great! I've ordered from them several times over the last year. Great and fair prices for QUALITY products. I've looked at other companies but always come back to BRITISH-DRAGON.ORG!

I've ordered several times, never had a problem except once. PM'd the guys, got an almost immediate response, even offered a little discount for my troubles, got my products no problem. Every other time I ordered never experience a hick up at all! These guys are quick to respond and pay attention to your issues...if you even have any...

Packaging was discreet, very plain and non-obscure. I've received at my home as well as picked up at post office. No worries either way. Never had any breakage, everything wrapped and packaged securely...

Cycle throughout the year. British Dragon products are fire and no pip, at least in my experience, ever! Usually follow a bulk, bulk to lean cycles. Masteron and tren stack is amazing, very clean and insane for cardio routines...

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Posts: 56 has always been a one stop shop. Having just about anything you can think of or will ever need in this sport.

Best communication and support come through website for me personally.

T/A is about 2 weeks. Not bad considering where products are coming from. Packaging couldn't really be any better. Very discreet and wrapped so tight it usually takes about 30 min or so to unwrap it all.

2 BD TestP

4 BD TrenA

Ran .5 cc TestP and 1 cc TrenA everyday for 40 days right at 6 weeks.

Had some of the craziest and most realistic dreams from the TrenA. Night sweats weren't too bad.

Aggression went up. Along with strength.

Leaned out nicely from the TrenA. Probably my favorite compound due to how it allows you to lose fat without trying much harder than your normal workouts and routines.

BD will always be my goto source. Should be number 1 in my books but he's always in the top as he deserves

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