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Review for Kalpa's Testoxyl Enanthate and Dianoxyl 50

Communication as always great.

All emails answered within 24hrs and sometimes even within a hour or two, kept me updated at all times, including tracking number and any questions I had, if any.

Overall a great service and nothing but praise for

Everything was well packaged and very discreet and received on time.

After using the Testoxyl Enanthate for 12wks 500mg's split into two injections at 250mg's on a Monday and then Thursday's and Dianoxyls at 40mg's a day for 6wks the Dianoxyl kicked in after 2wks being on it.

My strength went up, I was definitely more focused and the pumps were ridiculous whilst hitting the weights plus I love my German Volume Training.

Into the 5th week my cycle really kicked in.

My appetite was insatiable before my appetite was none existent, I was really focused and sleep was great through out. I also got some slight acne on my upper back and shoulders, but I expected this as I'm very prone to this.

Did not need any arimidex at all, but had it to hand, just in case I showed any signs of gyno.

The Testoxyl was very smooth to pin and I used a 25G needle to inject, I injected into my deltoids.

Whilst using the D-Bol I used Liv 52 for the 6 weeks for liver support and also drank plenty of water, but not too excessively.

I'm waiting 14 days now and will only use tamoxifen for my PCT

Week 1: 40mg every day

Week 2: 40mg every day

Week 4: 20mg every day

Week 5: 20mg every day if needed

In total I gained 16lbs and will monitor how much I lose obviously from water retention. I still need to work on my physique and still a little puffy in some areas/weak spots and will concentrate next on cutting up eventually.

I have monitored my blood pressure throughout my cycle, because I suffer from pre-hypertension and on most occasions it was well within range 115/75 and sometimes just over 122/86. I also have high cholesterol and I know using these two compounds are not good to use when suffering from both of these conditions, but I really cleaned up my diet and being on statins was just a horrible experience, joint pain was severe and I was very lethargic. I stopped the statins after doing lots of research on these and the side effects.

My next blood works is in November my T-levels prior to cycle in July were low in my opinion, and a few others pointed this out on growxxl.

I am looking forward too seeing the results in November blood works.

All products used were great.

Treat me good and I'll treat you better...Treat me bad and I'll treat you worse!

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