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06/04/2020 5:20 pm Website

First off, I just want to thank Maha Pharma for a smooth transaction, and always supplying fire gear. I'm a vet to AAS, and this was my first run with Maha. I've heard great things though, so I went for it.

At first, I was alarmed at the clear fluidity of the oil. It looks almost like water. Since very other Sources test that I've used was yellow, I researched a little. It's EO based. Which is awesome for me, since I have no allergies.

The Test E 250 is sweet. Pinning is super smooth, no pain, and can be pinned with a slin pin. Yes, Test E with slins. It's the smoothest gear ever.

Not to mention it was the deal of the week. So I got 5 bottles for dirt cheap. Shipping took around 15 days to get to Texas, and I was expecting right at 2 weeks. So that was on point as well. I paid with no problems.

I also ordered their Aromasin, which is also g2g. I dosed it too high the first few days and had achey joints. It definitely kills the bloat though.

The TBol is my second go around with it. First with Maha. I must say, this Maha is more potent. The last time I ran 50 MG and this time I started at 60. Had to go down to 40. Awesome dosing.

Overall, I'm very impressed and will do business again. I'm 8 weeks into a 12 week mass cycle, and I've gained 18 solid pounds.

Always prompt with order details and responded fast with all questions. Like I said, T/A was about 15 days. Perfect by what they promised. Packaging was Discreet, and it came from oversees with no issue.






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30/04/2020 9:06 am  

This is the first source that I used after finding this forum. I was really scared and not sure what to expect as I am sure most first timers are. Well, my experience was very positive. The ordering process was very easy, the website kept me updated the whole time and I received both products before the estimated t/a packaged very discretely. The most important was that both products were legit and worked as they supposed to.

There was no need for any communication. The support group does a fantastic job on updating your order status.

Package was very discreet and arrived after 3 weeks (15 business days), which I think is awesome for an international source and during this pandemic situation in the USA.

I have ordered Aromasin 25 and Clomid 50, both products were legit and worked great for cycle support and pct.