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9th Order as a competitor in this industry and I could not be more in love with a website! I will forever be a customer with them.

Very fast and to the point, Never any run around and always helpful

about 2 weeks and wrapped perfecftly: test, winny, var, clen, t3

Best of the best!

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BD is great, I've been using them for the past year and have made 3 orders and making the 4th this week. I always receive my order in the time they say it's going to be and I never need to contact them because I never have any issues. Loyal Customer for life!!!

Communication and Support on point. I received emails promptly about orders and I never have to contact.

I've received all my orders within 10 business days of my payment being received. packing was discrete and held together with bubble wrap to protect!!

  • 10 x BD Test P
  • 1 x BD Clomiphene (Clomid)
  • 2 x BD Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)
  • 1 x Brand HCG 5000iu

12 weeks used 500mg of BD test prop from BRITISH-DRAGON.ORG with 300mg Deca(previously purchased) from another company and BD Nolvadex 0.5 twice a week. It stacked great. No pip what so ever. Gained 17 lbs and kept about 12lbs of it and dropped body fat %. Did proper PCT protocol and everything back to normal GREAT PRODUCTS.

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I did have the chance to use the prop at 200mg eod for at least 3 weeks and within that time frame, sex drive, pumps, and overall tightness was also felt and very visible.

The test e at 200mg/ew kept me energetic and ready to start the day straight outta bed. The consistent mental/emotional balance with the ability to prevent muscle wasting and acting as a place holder has proven that the 200mg's had done exactly what it's suppose to do at that dose.

Yeah I'd shop here again. No question.

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My man BD is totally on point with gear and crazy fast international service! This review is for my last order of BD Test C and Deca.

Communication is pretty quick and very friendly.

T.a. for international is unreal.

5-6 days to the east coast US every single time!

The quality of the Cyp and Deca were great IMO! 4 weeks in I could feel the Test kicking strong. My pumps got crazy full and my libido was at attention 24-7.

As for the Deca I ran a 16 week cycle and around week 8 the weight just started climbing rapidly! My pumps got even crazier and my body felt incredible! My left shoulder never feels as great as it does on good Deca and I can ALWAYS tell.

The service and T.A. are amazing and the selection of products is HUGE and constantly growing! BD is a great guy and I say order with confidence for sure!

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