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Anybody Seen Hairloss W Eq Or Primobolan???

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Wanted to see if any bros saw hairloss on Equipoise or Primobolan... Getting ready to run a cycle and concerned with this..

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Not sure about EQ but primobolan is DHT diriv. and can potentially cause hair loss. First ask yourself if your family has a predisposition for hairloss? Then my thinkin' and what I do with no predisposition in my family take precautions. Like while on gear using Nizoral, Minoxidil, and taking Saw Palmetto supplements as a precaution. Do some research on EQ and see what its makeup is. Good luck and remember it's always a crap shoot and theres always shaving your head if necessary.

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Not sure about primo but I recall researching Eq a few months ago and it seesm to affect some and not others. If you decide to use it be sure to get some spiro 2 or 5% and some nizoral 2%.

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I did notice a little more hairloss on the eq....I was running 400 mgs per week.