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RE: Question on Christianity

I have wrestled with this question every since I was a child. A couple of years ago I asked my uncle, who is a minister, and he introduced me to the T...

5 months ago
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RE: Which do you prefer for a bulking cycle: Deca or Eq

I am apprehensive about using to much Test, mainly because I am prone to MPB.

8 months ago
RE: AS and genetic limitation

It's a hard one to call. The gains you get from the juice will blow your mind. I remember almost being in a constant state of euphoria during my first...

9 months ago
RE: Anybody Seen Hairloss W Eq Or Primobolan???

Not sure about primo but I recall researching Eq a few months ago and it seesm to affect some and not others. If you decide to use it be sure to get s...

10 months ago
RE: I am thinking about entering the military...

Well, I met with the recruiter yesterday and everything seemed to be going great until he inquired about my medical history. The first thing he asked ...

12 months ago
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RE: Losing alot of hair on tren - will adding dbol or winny make things WORSE?

Originally posted by Valkyl Stan, there are two ways to look at this. One, u could go buy yourself a multitude of hair saving, hair regrowth products,...

2 years ago