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EKG results abnormal, have to have stress test done

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Cole Kingsly
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Ok, I'm sort of stressing out about all this so I figured I would post it just to say it. About a month ago I got real sick after working out, it my first day of a ckd diet and I thought it was low blood sugar or something. I almost took myself to the hospital I was shitting myself dry and felt on the verge of throwing up for hours. For the next few days I would feel ill after eating, naseaus, light headed and hot. I went to the doc and got some pills to take when I eat that help me digest better and keep from getting diareah etc... After two weeks things were seemingly better, I could eat fine with no side effects. Then this past friday I worked out and was light headed during my workout. I got home and it wasn't as bad as the first time, but I was feeling bad again, light headed (like I was going to pass out) and could just lay there. I also pissed about 10 times in 2 or 3 hours. Monday morning I eat breakfast, go to work and for the next 3 hours feel like shit, and had diareah again. Tuesday morning, same thing, except I didn't go to work and went to the doc. He thinks it is two seperate issues, one with my stomach and one (unrelated) possibly low blood sugar issues which causes the sickness after workouts. So he orders an EKG, the EKG showed my resting rate jumping up and down between 42 and 70. It was pretty constant all the way across the page, up and down, up and down. So, now I have to have a stress test done to see if something is up with my heart. I also gave some blood and they are going to check some stuff out, one thing was cholestorol, not sure what else they were going to check. My blood pressure was normal, like 110 over 80 or so. I have been pretty stressed at work lately and working long hours. My recent supplement history includes a 4 week (was going to be 8 weeks) usage of Test enth and EQ back in June, which I quit after 4 weeks because I wasn't putting forth enough effort. Other then that I take the occasional stacker II or caffine pill before I workout for energy. I realize the caffine pill before my workouts possibly caused my sickness after working out, but my concerns now are with my heart. Sorry to ramble on, this is obviously on my mind and I just wanted to get the whole time line down, for my own sake I guess. Feel free to include any thoughts or opinions on anything. I will update in the future. Cole Kingsly

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That doesnt sound like fun bro. I wish I knew something to make u feel beter, and worry less. I guess the only thing I can do is wish u the best of luck with whatever happens. Keep us all posted.

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good luck bro.. maybe a few days on sunny beach will take care of some of that stress..

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I hope it works out ok. I recently took a stress test as part of a pre employment physical. It was 18 minutes on a treadmill, with the speed and incline increasing every 3 minutes. The last several minutes were a bitch! They got my heart rate over 180 for the last 2 minutes. It could be nothing. Good luck.