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need your opinion on nolvadex during cycle

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alright im on the following right now 1-10 omna 500mg pw 1-6 dianabol 20mg, 20mg, 30mg, 30mg, 40mg, 40mg 7-12 winny 50mg pd 7-12 fina 50mg pd right now with that im taking Nolvadex at 30mg ed, proviron 25mg pd, and arimidex 0.5 mg pd. i am about 2 weeks into the cycle and so far i am not getting any negative sides from all the anti e's/aromataze drugs im taking. strength is going up...pumps are fine...and no fatigue during the day. im using the nolvadex so to avoid puffy nipps/gyno. seems like its working since my nipps always puff up when i begin any cycle with test/dbol. ive heard very positive and negative things about using nolvadex during cycles. by the way im droping the proviron in a week after i ensure that gyno signs have dissapeared. i got the signs very early in the cycle and i added proviron because of it. im hearing new opinions and facts/theories about nolva almost everyday, which is making things pretty confusing. plz give opinions regarding the usage of it during cycle, based on ur experience. should i drop the nolva after i am done with the dbol....should i just use 1/2 of the three between arimidex, nolvadex, and proviron. what would you do if you are prone to gyno signs...

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I'd use as little Nolva as possible during your cycle. You should try to use Nolva only when sides appear (gyno); not as a preventive.