Primo and Immune System.  


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09/11/2019 10:53 am  

Have been looking for a good solid answer on this for a while now. I have read a few post here on the subject.

Anyone here ever cycle primo. I'm asking since I thought it would be a beneficial AAS for work performance. If it can help my immune system and help me retain and build muscle and recover from training, I would think for the type of work I do it would be great AAS from the standpoint for increase work productivity(decreasing sick days). And when you work 24-7 in all weather and every condition known to man, plus pulling 24 hours shifts, you tend to get pretty wore out and then get sick.

If anyone has any articles/forums threads on the subject please send them my way. Also if any of the enduro guys have cycled with it would love to hear about it(i.e muscle pumps during aerobic exercise etc). Please and thanks.

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09/11/2019 11:21 am  

I have used human grade a couple of years ago;;good gear,very low sides;not much shutdown ,only weight gain is lean muscle mass--dose 200-300mg p/w. Schering 100mg is expensive. M/track