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stanozolol, sprinting & recovery

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I'm looking into starting an oral cycle of 30mg Stanozolol ED for 4 weeks. My main goal would be to gain some strength and improve anaerobic endurance for sprinting, as wel as speed up my recovery.
Would this be a good dosage for this purpose, or should I stack it with anything? Also, I read some reports saying you don't need any PCT if you use winstrol only, but I want to be on the safe side, what would be recommended?


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It's pretty obvious that you need to do a LOT more research before touching AAS. You will need to do a PCT after taking ANY AAS! The dose you propose is way too high if you're training for sprinting. Ben Johnson couldn't handle more than 2.5mg winny without making his muscles too tight to run. Winny/stanozolol is not a good choice if you are a sprinter. You are much better off taking low dose test stacked with mestanolone or low dose halo.