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t-bol over winny for end of cycle

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ive been getting alot of different answers i know you take t-bol in the beginning of your cycle to jump start everything but can you also take it at the end of your cycle opposed to winny to get hard and cut up or would winny be the answer for that?

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Absolutely!! I think it would actually be better than winny cause it does not effect your joints and the gains would be better.

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I prefer it over winny any day, after 2 weeks my joints ache so much on winny, t-bol I feel great the whole time.

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I'm still on Tbol. I just finished my BD winny (tabs).(50mg) They are both amazing. The Winny will get you hard as fuck. DO NOT take oral winstrol for more than 6 weeks. My joints felt better on Stanozolol, but they did pop often. I think the extra strength from the Winstrol relieves the stress on my joints. It seems like my muscles are tighter and my ligaments and tendons are used less. The only reason I say that is because I noticed the popping decreased and the "normal" joint pain came back within several days of my last dose. Also, my range of motion decreased almost immediately. Not much, but I noticed it.

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I will be running masteron with tbol in 2 weeks to wrap up my tren e and andropen at 9% bf so this should be awesome, very excited.

i also just finished BD winny tabs joint pain, first time i never had joint pain with winny....