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This is kinda wierd

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Ok so i just started my second cycle. I started it with Dbol and i have been on that for about 2 and a half weeks and i am going to be adding sust for the next ten. Anyways, I have noticed lately that my penis as become extra veiny. and the veins are purplish and a lot easier to see. I may have been over using it lately too. I though maybe that might be it. I never had this happen while on a cycle before, but i had never used dbol before either. Alright well if anyone could give me some info I would Greatly appreciate it.

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I think it's going to fall off.
I've had D-bol a few times but never noticed it. It doesn't seem like something you should be too worried about.... maybe someone else has had the same thing happen to them?

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yeah that is kinda weird LOL i have never noticed anything like that as well cept for when i run something that increases RBC i seem to be "thicker" do to the increase in bloodflow to that area..

ps if Livingsteel asks for you to send him a PM with pics of this "problem" dont...he isnt a doc he just pretends to play one in the bedroom...and he will also certainly make copies and put them in his wallet and send them out in his xmas cards