Traveling With Gear  


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05/11/2018 7:34 am  

Ok, planning next year and I am going to be traveling out of the U.S. for a race. The cycle I'm planning has me needing a few shots while I'm on the trip so I'm going to have to take it with me. I'll have a persciption for the gear but am still a little nervous about travelling with a bottle of Test Cyp and a bunch of needles. SHould I be worried?

Also have to figure out how to give myself the injection, i've always had a nurse do it and have gotten it in the glute with an 1 1/2 needle. Anyone ever use alternate injection sites? I'm a pretty skinny dude, surely I could get by with a smaller needle in the quads or delt. ANyone have any advice for me?

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05/11/2018 8:09 am  

well if yu have a legitimate script for it there should be no problem, diabetics travel daily around the world with needles and drugs. Get a kit from the drugstore for carrying your needles and prop, if you are nervous call the airline you are travelling with.


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05/11/2018 8:43 am  

Don't take the risk, just ship it to the hotel you'll be staying a day before you leave the states.


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