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Ventrogluteal Injection

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Posted by: jboldman
I have developed a fair amont of scar tissue in my quads and never had much luck with glutes, i bruise and it gets noticed. So lately i have been using vg shots. I do rotate to the delts and lats.


This is exactly where VG shots would be useful, scar tissue isn't fun

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I really like the VG shots. They are really easy to do and you don't need to go too deep. I use 1"ers and maybe go 5/8 to 3/4" deep. If I have a really sucessfull shot these are the most painless out of any of my sites but if I use too concentrated gear or am a little rough they can get pretty freakin sore and walking is a bitch.

Just try standing with all your weight on the side you want to inject. The muscle will stand out. Then find your hip bone and touch the front corner with your first fingernail and the apex of the hip bone with your middle fingernail. Then push your hand down so that the back of your hand is laying on your hip. Right between your knukles is your spot.

I usually visually mark the spot and then push around on it just to make sure I have the spot, it should be plenty meaty, then rock back onto the other foot so that all your weight is off of your intended muscle and proceed with the usual routine.

I can put 3mL in with no problems...I belive you can put up to 5mL in them....

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