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NO3 and Creatine

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try 250 mg of niacin, but not the non flush or time released versions. Just regular niacin. it's cheap and youl get so pumped with blood your face and skin will turn sunburnt red. Don't worry, you won't die. you may feel real hot and burning, but that only lasts a few hours. It stimualtes GH too, up to 40 percent when taken with glutamine. This was one product i was thinking of using? Can't see anything about time release though... "Muscle Synergy provides: Niacin (nicotinic acid; 200 mg): Nicotinic acid (NA), a form of niacin, brings about a rapid increase in the diameter of your blood vessels (i.e., vasodilation), thereby promoting blood flow and overall vascularity. This makes getting and keeping a pump easier. NA also increases circulating growth hormone levels, both at rest and in response to your workouts. Niacin-containing supplements have been found to increase GH levels in healthy subjects, a number of whom have reported increases in muscle mass (Deijen, 2004, personal communication; from Arwert et al., 2003)." Any advise?

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Dont take a vasilidator! lol i took the NO3 and it gave me a raging case of Hemorrhoids! Not only does it make the veins bigger in your arms, legs, etc. it does the same for your ass! use with caution

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