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Pergolide for fat loss

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Has any one used D1/D2 agonists for fat loss, and noticed a really significant change in fat loss?

Big Cat,

Any theory's as to the nutrient partioning effect that loki and par deus, and lyle claim they have? I was really intrigued when I read loki ate 10,000 calories of junk on pergolide, and just started to see fat gains.


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 I know I’m a little late to the festivities here,  but since the posts stay up people may read them and posts like this aren’t good for anyone.   Pergolide?   For fat loss?  Ummm,  Fuckin’ no.  Why not try Thalidomide while you’re at it.  In fairness,  Lyle (what I say, not as I do unless you want no results at all) MacDonald did write about Bromocriptine,  but they’re different and it wasn’t for fat los per se. But Pergolide….is a disaster all around,  they stopped looking in the 80’s because in part,  subjects experitend projectile vomiting,  and it was difficult to measure how much they kept down.  It was being studied as a anti withdrawal compound,  anyway,  fat loss.   Go for a gingerly walk instead.   Or do whatever you want.  Just don’t punish yourself.  You’re better than that.