Herniated disc problem.....  

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19/08/2019 5:50 pm  

pillsbury...can you describe the decompression treatments?

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19/08/2019 6:22 pm  
Posted by: Tazmaniac
pillsbury...can you describe the decompression treatments?

Spinal Decompression is modern traction. In the case of low back spinal decompression, a velco belt is attached to you chest and braced to the top of the decompression table (you can either lie on your back or stomach, depending upon your comfort preference). Another velco belt is placed around your low back and hips. A pulley is attached to that "belt device". A computer then controls the pull frequency and weight fluctuation entered by the doctor/technician. The theory is that traction/decompression can "pull' the bulged or herniated disc back into place and allow it to heal/stay in position over a period of treatments with combined behavioral modification to avoid things/exercises and or activities that might re injure the disc(s).

Google "spinal decompression" for more info. Beware though, much of it is advertising "propaganda". The 86-90% cure statistics have been under scruitiny!

My suggestion, try it before surgery! It helps for me and I have 3 herniated lumbar discs.

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