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Hey everyone, I was reading some of your training splits and your warnings of overtraining. Unfortunately I'm sure I fall into that category as I have the idea that if I take days off I'm wasting time and I go crazy. So I would like to hear your thoughts on my split and give me ideas on what I can improve. I'm natural and I would prefer to train most everything twice a week... oh I'm 21 by the way.

Sunday - Legs
Monday - Chest / Abs
Tuesday - Back / Triceps
Wednesday - Shoulders / Biceps
Thursday - Chest / Abs
Friday - Back / Triceps
Saturday - Shoulders / Biceps

I eat a really high protein diet, probably no less than 300g a day and I'm 5'10" 200 pounds at about 10% bodyfat. I also sleep about 8-10 hours a night so thats not a problem. I never feel sore and my strengh seems to increase across the board except for my chest which has been at a plateau forever. But I'm getting the idea some time off may be for the better. I really do appreciate the suggestions because I'm sure most of you have 10 times the experience I do, thanks!

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Well, you're not going to like what I have to say but working out without any days of rest will only lead you to become stagnant. You grow outside the gym and not inside it, and if you're not giving your body any time to rest how do you plan on recooping and allowing the body to rebuild what has been broken down?

Also, workout regimens like that one provided may yield results quickly if you're new to lifting but will cause you to hit a wall quite quickly as well.

You work legs only once but everything else 2x week. You're lower body is half of your body and when trying to pack on size you need to really work your back and legs thoroughly. Working Hams, Quads, Calves, Adductors, and Abductors all in one day seems a little difficult.

I would change your split completely to give yourself at least 2 days off where the body can rest, allow your CNS to regroup, and allow the torn down muscle fibers to rebuild and rest for the workouts they will endure again later on.

I would also split your leg workouts, b/c you'll find that you can cause exponentially more growth when your split your leg workouts.

The last thing I would say, is post your diet b/c we don't know if your getting in enough carbs, healthy fats, fiber, water, etc.

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