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End Of Cycle Advise

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i just finished a 16 week cyclefirst eight weeks 8oo mg. 200 mg. prop and eq eod. finished with eq and cyip, same amounts. i added some fine from wekk four to twelve also. did HCG at week four. 500 iu's a day for five days. at week 10 i did 500 iu's for ten days. last injection was 10 days ago. been doing 500 mg. hck for las 7 days. started taking nolvedex about a week ago for water retention. planning hcg for three more days then clomid for a mont. can i do any primo or winstrol without disturbing natural test production or not? i know i will losse from the water but want to maintain gains but want to be safe too. what do you guys think? thanks