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Tren Test cycle Help  


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06/02/2020 1:05 pm  

I need some help with my Tren E and Test Cyp cycle. Im running 200mg of each per week for a 10 week cycle. I have HCG and would like to know how much I should run per week for the 10 week cycle. Im also gonna use clomid and hcg at the end of the cycle any suggestions on what my schedule should look like for pct?? This is my 4th cycle but first with tren. Im 6'6 240 lb and about 13% body fat. My goal is to put on some quality muscle and lose 3 to 4% body fat. Just a side note I also have some EQ laying around would it add any additional benefits to this current cycle? I just started the cycle last week so I have time to make adjustments.

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06/02/2020 1:26 pm  

since you are 1 week into your cycle I would save the Eq. I like to run Eq at least 12 weeks. IMO your dosing on both the test and Tren Are low but give it a shot and see how you respond. As far as the HCG I run 250IU twice per week. I would stop it the same week as you stop the aas. 10 days after your last aas shot start your Clomid, 100mg PD the first week then 50mg PD for 3 more weeks.

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06/02/2020 1:46 pm  

I agree with Bilter on the HCG thing.

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12/03/2020 12:33 pm  

I have never ran Tren but I’ve read it is best if you run Tren higher and test lower.