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28/11/2018 10:20 pm  

Masteron is a DHT derivative. Not a test derivative. But Dbol is and stack brilliantly with Test.  Test Deca Dbol is bread and butter for mass.  Test Tren Dbol also excellent.  Stacking a parent compound with an off shoot is not a waste of time.  Otherwise we would have 3 steroids to choose from.  Masteron is only like Tren in that it is a high Androgenic non aromatizing anti catabolic.  So is Primo,  Winny, Anavar, Proviron, Superdrol etc.   They are like Deca and EQ,  not really alike at all,  possibly interchangeable but so is everything if you ask the right person.  So the stack has test,  a 19nor, and a DHT derivative.  All with unique properties.  Add oral Winny and you’ve got the most popular precontest stack.  Why does it baffle you?

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