finasteride: effects on overall body composition  

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05/06/2019 8:54 am  

Re: Re: finasteride: effects on overall body composition

Posted by: neurotic
I very much doubt that your gyno-like experience while on Tren had anything to do with finasteride usage. When you take exogenous AAS (like tren) your endogenous Testosterone production shuts down (HPTA supression), so things like aromatization and DHT supression become totally irrelevant for the most part. If you had been stacking testosterone with tren I'd say "yes, it might have to do" because finasteride would block exogenous test's DHT and estrogen side effects from test would be magnified. But, in the case of using tren on its own, given the fact that your HPTA is gonna be supressed, your dht levels are going to be very very tiny whether or not you use finasteride.

Well I was stacking test/Tren A t the time but my test dosage was only 500mg/wk. I dont think I would ever run Tren alone. Still, I had run a test cycle previously with no AI and only nolva on hand in case I needed it. It was a low dose of 500mg/wk and it was test e alone. I never noticed any gyno before but when I started using finasteride I seemd to be more sensitive to gyno (which makes sense).

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If you were taking 500mg/wk of Test, yes, I'd say it makes a lot of sense. On the one hand, by blocking Dht conversion, there's more test available, which will convert to estrogen. On the other, and most importantly, given the anti-estrogenic nature of Dht, blocking it will allow estrogen to "attack" you without mercy.
I think that if you are prone to hairloss finasteride is a must while ON (and even while OFF), so I wouldn't even think about dropping it; what you should do in your next cycle is taking a good aromatase blocker such as Arimidex or femara. I would also stack it with red wine.

take care, bro.

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