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Cutting weight....

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Stats 6'-0" 185 lbs.....In my mind i look too thin...Ive always been thin and pretty much was disappointed with my overall size. i can be sitting and doing nothing and cut pounds because my metabolism is insane. Do i need to get to 215 to cut up to 205(my goal) and have a solid frame? I basically need to eat loads of carbs to gain any significant weight with muscle. I do consume about 200g protein per day as well. Contemplating a test cycle but i would rather not. The problem is whatever i put on...i lose so fast.

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Lift heavy and eat at least 250-300 grams of protein, perhaps you can just get to a cut 205 w/o needing to cut.

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i have the same problem, i am 6'0" and currently at 195. I look great but still have a little extra i woiuld love to get rid of. If i drop any lower i start feeling small and never have seemed to be able to gain that extra 10lbs of muscle.

in your case lifts is dead on as usual.


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If carbs do it for ya, run a 50/30/20 carb to prot to fat ratio of cals. Start with 2700 total cals and add in 500 every other week that you don't gain.

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I'm always trying to cut weight due to my sport but I have found it extremely difficult to maintain that healthy balance. My stats 37 years old, 5'9" and I weigh roughly 155 lbs ~ 9.5% BF. That's pretty much a nice weight considering I'm a cyclist but I'm a little soft if ya know what I mean. The last time I increased my protein intake to increase LBM, my energy levels were decreased. Do you guys have any suggestions on how or what ratio would not only keep my energy level's up but would also lean me out.... I eat pretty clean now.


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I say eat alot of sushi and work out every day.