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First time dieting and I love it!!!

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Well fellows I posted a thread a few days ago about my slow fat loss. Well I been dieting a little over 2 weeks my first time in 2.5 years of lifting. And I now notice my arms and legs are getting more defined. The peak on my bicep is more defined too. So it seems my legs and arms are losing fat fast. My midsection has shrunked too. But I still got a good 2 inches of fat on my midsection even though it has shrunken some. It depresses me but I guess it will start coming off faster as my arms and legs get more cut. Im on T-rex . So far I give the T-rex 2 thumbs up though its still early. I been on a low low carb diet and the T-rex seems to make me hungry. BUT i believe this is do to my low carbs so I upped them a tad bit. Im also gonna throw some clen in too. So in summary: arms getting more defined nicer peak, legs more solid and defined, stomach shrunk but still not making the progress my legs and arms have. Hopefully it will follow suit. I dont know why it took me so long to realize dieting was the key. I think its because I was scared I couldnt do it. I would always be around 230-240 18" arms. And Id say 18% BF but I never could get cut up. I would just do the cardio and not take the dieting seriously. I would always say ill eat the pizza and work it off tommorrow . What I was doing was taking a step forward, and then one back! So I was ending up in the same place. With the dieting im only moving foward. Now I know dieting is the foundation of it all. Diet, training, and then drugs come in last place.... Before my priority was Training, drugs, dieting Although I no longer can claim 18" arms Ive lost half a inch on them. But thats nothing a good cycle and PROPER DIET cant fix.

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Congrats bro and keep it up. Put up some pics when you get to your goal.