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Pasta, tuna, eggwhite caserole or whatever u call it.

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Fast and easy to prepare with microwave, tasty too~ 1)Boil pasta, i like to use wholemeal pasta twist/spirals. 2)Drain water from pasta and empty a can of drained tuna(plain or flavoured depending on your diet requirement). 3) Mix the lot(u can also put in a few teaspoon of olive oil etc) 4) Microwave again for ~3-4 mins to 'dry' it. 5) Squeeze some bbq sauce on top. 6) Pour egg white over and microwave again for ~4=5 mins. 6) DONE--EAT!!! Great for Protein or Carbs depending on how u adjust the amount of pasta, tuna and egg white. Also great if u're sick of eating tuna alone. Enjoy 🙂