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10/01/2020 6:57 pm  
Posted by: Bilter
red rice yeast and niacin are used for lipid control. ZMA I am not familiar with.


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10/01/2020 7:23 pm  

zma refers to zinc, magnesium

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10/01/2020 7:46 pm  

Wud I say.

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10/01/2020 8:04 pm  

well i have

Whey Protien
All in one recovery product
Sublinqual B12
Sida Cordifolia Tabs
Gentle Iron
Calcium citrate
acetyl L-Carnitine
Folic Acid

Plus a few other bits and bobs

Wet Roubaix
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10/01/2020 8:27 pm  

Doesn't get much better than LEFFE!

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10/01/2020 8:44 pm  

delerium tremnens !!!

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10/01/2020 9:12 pm  

ZMA was supposed to increase natural GH and help recuperation; seems overrated for that but it does help you sleep better.

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10/01/2020 9:30 pm  

My goodies!

whey protein (isolate)

Echinacea (don't take it now)


Clonazapam (I rarely touch these next four now)

Valerian root (seems to have a mild relaxing effect. Not very strong though)

Calcium Citrate
Vit B12 ampoules 1mg
Vitamins & minerals (too many to list)

Liquorice root (I like this stuff, seems to benefit me mentally in races. Only taken before races)
Siberian ginseng

I'm probably missing a thing or two but thats the brunt covered!

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10/01/2020 9:49 pm  

you might rethink the liquorice root:



Glycyrrhiza: Licorice root and Testosterone

by Paul Bergner

Medical Herbalism 11(3):11-12

Large doses of licorice extract, usually in the form of candy or chewing gum, may cause hypertension and electrolyte imbalances through a well-defined mechanism (de Klerk et al). This effect was seen in an adult female with administration of a simple decoction of licorice root over three months (Bergner). Researchers have recently demonstrated that doses of licorice root extract, delivering the constituent glycyrrhizin in amounts similar to that contained in standard medical doses of the root, rapidly and significantly lowered levels of circulating testosterone in males (Armanini et al.). This effect appears to occur much more rapidly than the previously observed mineral corticoid effects. Similar effects of licorice on testosterone had been suggested previously in animal trials (Sakamoto and Wakabayashi; Takeuchi et al.) and in female subjects with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) (Takahashi et al; Yaginuma et al).

In the Armanini trial, seven men aged 22-27 years old were given 7 grams daily of a commercial preparation of licorice tablets for a week. The daily dose contained about 0.5 grams (7.14%) of glycyrrhizin, as determined by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The tablets appear to be crude licorice root, which reportedly contains between 6-15% glycyrrhizin (Budavari), rather than a concentrate. Table 1 shows the changes is several hormones during an eleven-day period. Testosterone levels fell by about 40% within four days of licorice administration, returning to normal four days after its withdrawal.

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10/01/2020 10:07 pm  

Hi JB.

I have read studies about liquorice root and testosterone before. I understand that it has a negative effect on test.
The reason I started taking it was because I suffered from adrenal fatigue 6 years ago, largely as a result of overtraining and I was advised to take it along with several other suppliments.
Basically my saliva tests were sent off to a lab and it showed that cortisol was well below reference limits at all times of the day. DHEA was too low also. No wonder I felt so poor. I've still got the results that the lab sent back to me.

The suppliments I was recommended to take were liquorice root, potassium citrate, magnesium pantothenate, Vit C and siberian ginseng. I was also strongly advised to stop hard training - duh, I was an idiot and was digging a hole for myself without wanting to believe it by training like a madman all the time. With time things got a lot better but it took a few months before I felt completly back to normal again (lesson learnt don't overtrain). I continued to take the liquorice root it when I needed it as I could feel positive mental effects.

I don't take liquorice root that often, just for races now, but I honestly can say that I feel "better" shortly after taking it (4-5 x 400mg capsules usually). I just feel more capable in races - if thats even the correct word. It certainly doesn't feel anything like caffeine or whatever, nor have I ever heard of anyone else saying anything similar but I can tell when I have taken it and it feels beneficial for sure. I often wonder if I'm kidding myself and if it is just the placebo effect, but that notion goes away soon after I take it!

I hope this clears up some things.

(Now back to live Paris Roubaix coverage!)

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10/01/2020 10:30 pm  

If it works it works! it also seems unlikely that episodic use will have any sigificant effect on test.


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10/01/2020 10:47 pm  
Posted by: mightymax
All that and more depends on how the legs feel 😉 but on most mornings i consume
3 flasks of Actovegin
1 flask of Norditropin penset 24 (growth hormone)
1 flask of TAD 600
1 flask of solvent for Norditropin
1 injection of Actrapid Novolet (insulin)
1 box of Spascupreel
1 box of albumine humaine 20 %
1 box of Ubichinon Compositum (co-enzyme Q)
2 boxes of Thyreoida Compositum (hormone extracts)
3 boxes of Testis Compositum (hormone extracts)
2 ampoules of Coffeinum (caffeine)
1 ampoule of Celestone (anti-inflammatory)
1 ampoule of Benexol B12 5000 (vitamins)
3 ampoules of Ketonal
3 flasks of Kenacort retard (corticoids)
1 box of Toco 500 (vitamin E)
1 bottle of sodium chloride 0.9
3 capsules of No Spa Forte
15 capsules of Durvitan (caffeine)
10 ampoules and one tablet of Pentohexal 300 (vasodilator)
1 box and three tablets of MAG 2 (magnesium)
12 capsules of Ozothine
15 capsules of Optalidon
2 packets of Eurythrox 50
2 boxes of Immunoferon (immuno-stimulants)
2 boxes of Trofalgon
1 box of Androderm (testosterone)
6 capsules and one ampoule of Alphalipon (improves nervous functions)
2 tablets of Stilnox
4 capsules of Oltramp
30 tablets of Bentelan (corticoids)
30 tablets and 4 ampoules of Voltaren (anti-inflammatory)
3 tablets of Praxilen
1 tablet of Cafiaspirina (caffeine and aspirin)
1 ampoule of sterile water and one flask of Haes-Steril
1 flask of Geref (enhances production of endogenous HG)

I think i may be taking too much UUUMMM ???

Holy s**t!! I got a buzz from just reading that.

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