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RE: For tren users - did u use Bromocriptine ?

Originally posted by Bigbackzac but it was too strong so I ended up going to every 3rd day. BBZ BBZ - Please explain :) Do you mean too many side effe...

4 months ago
RE: MyoPure or SynthePURE

Originally posted by sp123 On top of that, you should be using a protein blend, not a straight WPI product. Unless you enjoy pissing half of it in the...

5 months ago
RE: my summer comeback cycle

Sounds good Armoured, your only going to get bigger :) Let us know how it goes

8 months ago
RE: O/T Orgasmic Headaches

I've had those fucking headaches.. its no laughing matter.

9 months ago
RE: The Calves

Nice work mate :)

11 months ago