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RE: Autoimmune Disease and Anabolic Steroids?

Thats a bit of a tricky one. Most people are under the impression that AAS boosts the immune system, which is technically true in one sense. AAS does ...

8 months ago
RE: girlfriend needs help

By week 3 she should be seeing some hardening and strength increase. It's a safe, conservative dose she is on and if she hasn't seen any adverse sides...

1 year ago
RE: Not real attractive on Clenbuterol!

Clen gives me the shakes for the duration of the cycle. I'm like a chicken on a bad acid trip. Not good considering I'm a surgical nurse :-( The heada...

1 year ago
RE: abdominals

I train my abs like I train my bis ~ only once a week. They get a lot of superficial work all day, everyday. So they are easy to overtrain. A super cl...

2 years ago