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Anastro-lab is a brand name of Anastrozole 1 mg and it is made by 7Lab Pharma; it’s a very trendy and useful anti-estrogen. Anastrozole was initially built-up as a breast cancer treatment way out, and it's very effective at it.

Following a Post Cycle Therapy plan, your normal testosterone secretion levels should be much higher than they were, in a healthy level. When you are going to start with 1mg straight away and after 2 days taking 0,5mg in every day simultaneously.

The finest effects of Anastro-lab will be accessible at once and release from water retention and gynecomastia will be there. Dosage will for all time stuck between 0.5 mg and 1 mg each day, for the average person.

As it's pretty powerful and probable to be challenging on the body because of its possible side-effects, in no way go stimulate the recommended dosage. It’s an enormous anti-estrogen to be used in any cycles that include Dianobol-lab, Oxy-lab or other steroids.

This anti-estrogen mediator is grand for side-effects such as gynecomastia and excessive water retention.