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would using prohormones when i have gyno be a bad idea?

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Will this worsen/counteract the effects of nolva/letro... yadda yadda.. Dont bash for the pro h use.. it was free.. what do you guys think? Dobs

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if you've got anti-E to counter the E side effects then you should be ok

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With nolva might be OK, but I wouldn't risk it. I know lots of guys who got gyno from PH supps. If you already have it why risk making it worse?

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if you already have gyno i def. would not. i'm kinda busy studying for a midterm now, but maybe in a few days when im done with my exams i'll post a good explanation why.

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Really depends on what prohormone your talking about but the majority of the one's out there have been associated to increased estrogen so I would encourage you to wait until your Gyno is completely under control before you risk it. Besides, the gains from the prohormones won't come close to the cost of gyno surgery.

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I wouldn't chance it bro.......

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dobs, -been there / done that. years ago before i came to my senses and i was using PH's I tried just about every one on the market in an attempt to find one that didnt aggravate my gyno. Although i dont recall exactly which ones did what, I can tell you that IF the PH worked then it DID cause my gyno to worsen. If the PH did not worsen my gyno, then it also did not result in any gains. Long story short.....If you try any of them (for whatever reason), have an anti-E onhand.

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Sell the PH to someone you dont like.

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Originally posted by acidsk8 Sell the PH to someone you dont like. 😀 I agree with that to some extent. Actually, the newer PHs like 1-test are better than the old ones like andro and 19-nor. They don't seem to convert to estrogen as easily. I got a little gyno off my first "cycle" of andro so I am somewhat skeptical of PHs though. I figure, why take something your body has to convert when you can take the actual thing you are hoping your body will convert it to? But that's not your question. If you already have gyno and the PHs were free then it would be wise to take some Nolva or letro with them since PHs readily convert to estrogen. Doc